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First gay fuck

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: School
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Gay

Well, there was a boy at school who was openly gay, we had a crew and everyone used to give him a lot of shit, he did what ever we told him to basically. Anyway, I had been thinking about stuff and decided I wanted to try it so I had basically instructred him to wait in these small woods by the school which you could walk through on the way down into the main part of the town.

I evaded my friends and he was there waiting just where I had told him to be. I didn’t speak to him, I just pushed him into the woods and he was walking in front of me, telling me he was dying for it. Anyway, I grabbed him and pushed him onto the floor, ripped his trousers and boxer shorts down, pulled his shirt up his back and undid my own trousers. I spat on my fingers and shoved them up his arse and started frigging him hard.

Next I got my cock out and with one hand pushing his face into the grass, I guided my cock into place and forced it in.

I fucked away as hard as I could, pulling down on his shoulders to get as deep as I could and he was just saying yeah yeah in between ow! ow! and I was say all sorts of dirty shit to him. I started to feel myself come and next minute I was shooting it up his arse.

I pulled out, we got ourselves together and walked on for a while, he asked me if I would let him do something but I didn’t wanna be fucked so I pushed him up against a tree and started wanking him off until he was ready to come and at that point I sucked him off into my mouth.

We hung around for another twenty minutes or so before I bent him over standing up against a stone wall and stuck my cock up his bum again while I gave him a hand job. I came all over his arse and then rubbed it all over. He stood there and finished himself off while I fingered his arsehole.

I fucked him loads after that, he liked to be dominated and I liked to be as rough with him as I could be, I saw him again years later when I was with someone else and we both took him home and abused the fuck out of him, he asked us to pretend to rape him and we obliged. Came all over his face to and took pictures.

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