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First and only gay experience

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: motel room
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Gay

Myself and four buddies were on a road trip. We’d all got our hands on fake IDs and headed over to Seattle from our smaller town. None of were what you’d call big macho guys. I was the smallest, with my friend Serge only slightly taller and more muscular.

Knowing that most decent taverns would card us and not believe our fake IDs, we chose a sleezy little place to party in. The owner didn’t really care how old we were; our money was good so he let us drink like the foolish teens we were. Well, we got pretty drunk.

After the tavern closed, we all staggered down the street and got a room for all four of us in an old strip motel. Inside our room there was a king sized bed, a single, and a couch. One friend took the couch, another the single, leaving my friend Serge and I to share the bed. We were all pretty drunk and just flopped on our respective beds with our clothes on, falling into a deep sleep quickly.

I don’t know how much time had passed, but at some point during the night I slowly awoke, feeling as though I was having the most incredible erotic dream. I was totally blissed out sexually and feeling like I was on the edge of orgasm as I lay there fighting my way up out of a foggy sleep.

I found that in my sleep, Serge had partially undressed me; My pants and jockeys were off, leaving me in an unbuttoned shirt and my socks. I was laying half on my side, half on my belly with Serge pressed against my back. One of his arms was under my neck with his hand carressing my nipples. The other hand was holding my hip firmly. And I felt a rush flood through the pit of my belly when I realized that his cock was deep in my rectum. Serge was fucking me slowly and sensually.

As I said, at first it felt like an erotic dream, and in many ways, because of the alcohol I suppose, it continued to have a dreamlike quality. I felt no pain at all, just pure sexual bliss. Serge was very slow and tender, really making love to me. I suddenly felt very feminine, like a girl being seduced. I know it may sound weird, but I just went with it. I know I’m not gay or even bi, but the feelings were wonderful and I felt so tender and loved at that moment, that I just gave myself to him willingly.

I let go, and started whimpering as he stroked in and out of me. I loved the feeling of his lower belly pressing hard against my buttocks each time he pressed deep. And the feeling of his cock in me sliding out and then back in so very deeply sent sweet orgasmic feelings flowing through my belly. The feelings grew in strength the longer he fucked me.

I was really losing myself in it after what seemed like hours, but was only minutes. I was moaning and crying out, my own cock throbbing and my testicles tingling and tightening. I wanted more and more and more. And so I genlty rolled on my stomach and opened my legs, Serge following me so that her was now between my thighs with his cock still buried in my rectum. He pressed hard and deep and held it there for a moment. It was driving me crazy … I was panting and moaning. At last I heard my own voice – it was quivery and weak; “do it!” I pleaded. I wanted him to cum inside me and I wanted to cum while he did it.

Then Serge started to pump in and out of me. I found that by opening my thighs I could let him get deeper, and I discovered very quickly that deeper was better. I drew my knees up and opened my thighs as wide as I could. I guess I must have looked like a little frog with my knees up high and my thighs spread wide. Serge pumped harder and harder, faster and faster. My belly felt loose, my anus open and my cock a tight knot of building ecstacy. I opened my eyes and saw that one of our other friends, the one on the couch, was laying there watching us. His face showed no expression, but he was obviously intrigued by what he was watching. The knowledge of being watched as Serge fucked me was too much for me. It pushed me over the edge.

One of the most intense and longest orgasms of my life began. I heard my voice again crying out; “ohhhh gaaawwwwwddd” and I swear I sounded like a girl. Serge too was on the edge and started slamming his cock into me, his pelvis slapping wetly against my buttocks as we were both wet with sweat by now.

Through my own own orgasm I felt Serge’s thrusts become erratic and desperate. “I’m cumming!” he moaned. I cannot describe the feelings of that orgasm in words, it’s something that had to be experienced to be understood. I felt like I had totally given myself to Serge. That his cock pumping deep in my belly was the only thing that mattered in that moment. I felt like i was being turned inside out, that my belly was a quivering vagina being filled with cock and cum. My cock pumped load after load of cum between me and the bedsheets and my belly was swallowing load after load of Serge’s cum as he pumped it into me.

Serge came hard and filled me and collapsed on top of me. I lay there on my stomach with my softening cock in a slippery pool of my own cum. The pleasure was still there and I felt myself slowly slipping away into the sleep from which I’d emerged. It felt wonderful as Serge’s cock softened inside me. As I was drifting off, I felt Serge gently pull out of me and roll onto his side of the bed. He pulled the covers over both of us and I slept soundly and peacefully. Even when I awoke, I felt good, my anus was throbbing erotically and there was still a sexual tingle deep inside my belly.

No one ever mentioned it afterward. Serge and I never spoke of it, or repeated it. Our friend who watched said nothing nor acted any differently toward either of us. If it hadn’t been for the soreness and bleeding in my anus and rectum for the next week, I would have thought it had just been an amazing erotic dream.

I have thoughts occassionally about repeating the experience and maybe seeing what it is like to deep throat a cock, but men just do not appeal to me. Now if I could find a cute transvestite … hmmm.

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