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Current Age: 38
Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: Camping
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Gay

I always liked to go camping. I think it was to get away from home life for a while.
When we were younger me and 2 friends went, and then hiked into the woods, the hike was about an hour long, trying to reach a pond that Jim knew of. After the long hike setting up and all we had a fire going and was drinking. this was my 1st time drinking the hard stuff, and I think it was Dougs too. But you know JIM. he’s done everything!

we sat by the campfire as it started to turn cold. and then it started to rain a little. We had a 6 man tent so we all went inside, and continue to drink. With no warmth from the fire we were wet and cold. Jim informed us we need to get out of the wet clothes and we can hang them over the fire/ that was under a huge tree. With nothing else to wear. I was elected to go outside and hang the clothes. We all were nude and were not hiding it. after I came back in, I was freezing, We all sat around the lantern drinking. Jim started telling stories of Women he’s fucked. even though we knew it wasn’t true. He also started telling us stories of XXX rated movies he seen. It didn’t take long before all 3 of us had long ones. We started admitting that we jacked off, and then we were admitting Or lying about how often. With all our dicks sticking straight up. We decided to have a circle jerk and we all started playing with our selves. This didn’t work to well. and Jim told me that he would jack me If I jacked him. Doug encouraged me to do so. So I did. I started playing with his cock. and he really enjoyed this. then Doug keep pushing his dick into my other hand. at one point I was jacking off both at the same time…… Jim asked Doug if he still had some of that oil from starting the fire. He did and got it out handed it to Jim. then Jim said now would be a GREAT time to turn off the lantern. IT went off. NOW. I’m not saying I was raped. NOR taken advantage of. But Jim managed to get me on all fours and he slid his cock in my ass. I didn’t reject nor did I refuse. I simply did What I was told….. Jim took my ass very gently, working his cock in just a little at a time. it seemed to take 3 to 4 minutes. He would tell me to spread them a little more and ask me hows that? He then asked are you ready for all of it? I just said ok. he pushed his entire cock in my ass, and it didn’t feel bad…… Doug was asking can I have some. No one answered. Jim started pumping my ass then it must have gotten good to him because he went faster and harder…… he finley pulled out and said. Ok Doug, get you some pussy now! Doug, entered and my ass was ready for more. Dougs cock was smaller than Jims But I was pushing back and telling him come on, Jim was still jacking off as I felt something wet splash my face. I didn’t know he was just right there…… Doug keep taking his time and We were both telling him come on fuck it already….. Doug finley pulled out and said here finish it off. For some reason. I turned around and told him to lean back, then I took his cock in my mouth. before I realized what I had done. he shot his load.

We finished up the camping trip with me sucking them both off, and then Doug 2 more times. Jim Loves to Fuck me. he will call and ask, Do you want to go camping? I know he wants to fuck my ass. Doug moved away and we never hear from him anymore. I Found that I enjoy sucking more htan fucking…. Hopefully I’ll find another one someday….

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