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Good times

Current Age: 35
Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Gay

As a young man, I had issues with parents and loved to experance the world. While drifting, Homeless you could say. I was told of a guy Who let young guys stay at his house, The story was that I would have to work, he had a small Farm. I arrived to fins it just as I was told. The guy was Great. Feed me. showed me my room. let me know What was expected. it looked like a Great set up for me…. On the 3rd night we were drinking and passed out I woke to him with his cock in my hand. He noticed I was awake and I said What the hell. he said. good your up. keep doing it… I did what he said. I was stiitng up jacking him off. He told me I could get mine out and play with it… I did. It was difficult jacking him off and myself. I released his cock this is when he slid it in my mouth. he took both his hands put them on my head and started pumping…. I just let him do as he wished. he was talking to me. saying Oh yea. I knew you wanted it. I can always tell a Good boy…. I was pumping my cock hard and it was Great. Then it happened. he came in my mouth and for some reason I swollowed it. He said. Thats a girl! he made me lick his cock clean. and told me to stop jacking off. He then said For me to sleep in his room so he could Make sure I didn’t……..

I passed out and in the morning I woke to him playing with my dick. I layed back and enjoyed it. about the time I was ready to cum he stopped and said It’s your turn…. He got on top of me and his cock went stright in my mouth. he held my hands behind my head and was sitting up skull ficking me. I just took it…. he came in what I thought was a ton… I choked and coughed and was trying to catch my breath as he was laughing and calling me a good girl.. After this he collasped and told me. if I was good today he will let me cum. I had to go into the rest room get a wet wash rag and clean him up……. About lunch time he said I’m ready. I asked for what? he said for me to prove I’m a good girl,,,,, He wanted to butt fuck me….. I took his cock in my ass. and was surprised it wasn’t bad. in fact I enjoyed it… what i didn’t like wa shim calling me a girl and then a bitch and spanking my butt while he was fucking me…… I Learned he had 2 other boys that came over an dworked for him. he was fucking them too. We got togather offten and had orgeys I was becomming a sex slave and enjoyed it…. At one point I took on all 3 cocks at the same time… My life was GREAT……

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