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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: his room
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Gay

every night i wank about sucking off this bloke in my year.oh my god is he fine. deep brown eyes, ruffled hair and a cute smile. hes the sort of bloke you look at and think, i bet he has a nice dick. anyway,to cut a long story short- i ended up at his house. of course i can remember why, i mean you would wouldnt you?i live down the road and had been told i could go to his party-lucky me!anyway, i get there and he answers the door looking fucking gorgeous and grining at me. thats when i see his bulging shorts as he’s rubbing his manly dicke on up he says. i cant believe it-hes invited me round for a shag!this cant be true surely!when i get to his room i sit down nervously before asking for a drink. how about my cum he says?im still not sure at this point if hes trying to trick me so i tell him to shut up, which to this he replies-make me and shoves his long hot tongue down my throat.before i know it i yank off his shorts and start tossing him off into my sweating hand. his dick feels so big and long, so i peep down to look at my object of desire and its huge-just as i imagined it. then i give him head, slowly sliding his dick into my mouth and grinning up at him repeatedly.after i decide its my turn and shove my dick in his mouth, to which he replies-no way man-u serve me. to this i oblige and i spend the evening fingering him and blowing him as he sits in an armchair talking to his mates on the phone.

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