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Girl of your dreams

Current Age: 36
Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: lake
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Gay

With my love for porn, I found my self a regular at the Adult book store. it seemed the same lady was always there behind the counter, She was older, over weight, and not to attractive. one day While looking around there was this man who kind of creped me out. He would go to the same isle I was on. So I would move to the next one over trying to get away. I found my self on the GAY isle and there he was. then he said, while pointing, that looks like fun doesn’t it? I just said yes….. while moving to the end of the isle I worked my self into a corner and there he was again. and he again said while pointing. now that really feels GREAT. I looked and he was pointing to a guy getting his ass fingered. I just said yes. Then I felt his hand on my ass. NOT wanting to cause a ruckus, I just stood there letting him feel me. his hand quickly moved to my crotch area. then before I knew it he had my pants un-done and he was playing with my now semi-hard dick. He reached under and grabbed my balls and pulled my pants down more with his free hand. the feel of my balls being played with was GREAT. my COCK rose to attention Very quickly, as he noticed I was enjoying it. He would ask me if I liked that. before I could say anything he said. you must. look at that beautiful cock sticking up.

This guy reached in to his pocket and pulled out a jar handed it to me and said open this. I did. he stuck his finger in it. and then moved his hand to my ass and started to spread my cheeks, he said open them up a little. I did and he slipped his finger in my ass. Believe it or not. I was enjoying this. Looking around for cameras and towards the counter I noticed the lady at the counter was messing with something under the counter and wasn’t really paying attention to us. This guy bent down and took my cock in his mouth. IT WAS GREAT…. He was working my pants to the floor as I was bending at the knees to allow my legs to open as much as possible. He stood back up and whispered get down on the floor so she cant see us… I did as he said. I was now on all fours with my knees as close as I could get them to allow my legs spread. he forgot about my cock and started in on my ass. He moved me this way and then that until he got me just right and it seemed that his finger was much larger now. He pushed his cock in my ass ever so gently, and just left it there for a while. then he started pumping slowly. I couldn’t believe what was happening. and how fast it happened. I was now getting butt fucked. he started going back and forth fucking me. and it wasn’t bad. in fact I kind of liked it.
it didn’t take long before I herd Just what do you think your doing. turning my head. We both seen the counter lady standing there with her arms crossed. thinking Woops. he quickly withdrew saying No more get up! I got up pulled my pants up quickly and was totally humiliated. the lady then said look Girl. pointing her finger at me! If you want to give it away. that’s your business. but not out here take him to the back room. The man then said Were sorry. walking away telling me come on. I didn’t know there was a “back room” we got to the back and found a room with a bed in it. and that’s where I willingly allowed him to have his way with me….. He told me to take all my clothes off this would be better anyway. I did and assumed the position, and let this guy fuck me for all he was worth. I jacked off and came 3 times when he was fucking me. and when He got ready to cum he pulled out and said hurry turn around. Not realizing what he wanted I did. only to be met with a Blast of Cum all over my face. as he moaned saying Oh yes Bitch. he was pumping his cock and giving me a facial I’ll never forget……… He pulled up his pants, and left the room before I knew what happened. I looked around there was nothing to clean myself up with. I dressed and did the best I could and exited the room. only to be met by the counter woman saying that was GREAT.

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