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Current Age: 61
Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: San Deigo
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Gay

A friend came to visit and his mom and mine went shopping for a couple of hours .They left me in charge of my younger brother ,Dale .Dale is eleven and my friend David is sixteen but looked much older . He was tall and very strong with blonde hair all over his body .As soon as our moms left ,David asked us if we wanted to watch a movie with naked people in it .Of course we jumped at the chance and said yes .David made us both promise never to tell anyone . We locked all the doors and shut the curtains . Then we started the movie . Both me and Dale were stunned at what we saw .There was a big hairy man and three young boys about seventeen years old and they were sucking on each others cocks .My little dick was hard as a rock throughout the movie . When it was over David asked us if we liked it .We said yes and I said I really liked it a lot ! With a big grin David asked Dale if we could see him naked . Please Dale , Please let us see your dick I pleaded !He stood in front of us and started taking his clothes off . David slid closer to me and put his arm around my shoulder and held me tightly .It felt good so I did not resist .Finally Dale pulled off his underwear and I could not take my eyes off of his pretty little penis as it stood straight up . It was about four inches long with a huge purple head on it shaped like a mushroom .David kissed me lightly on my ear and whispered , You like it don’t you , I know you do . Wouldn’t you to put it in your mouth and suck on it . I licked my lips and said yes .David then looked at Dale and told him to come closer and let your brother give your penis a kiss .With a smile on his face ,he walked up to me and put his cock in my face .An awesome feeling went all through my body as I leaned in and kissed the tip of it .I opened my mouth and took my brothers dick inside of me .He put his hands on the back of my head and held on tight as he pumped my face harder and harder . I loved the feel of my brothers cock ramming into me .He finally stopped and pulled his dick out .He did not squirt sperm in me because he was to young but we loved it anyway .David was kissing my neck and face then he put his lips on mine and stuck his tongue in my mouth and I sucked it .He asked me ,Would you do that to my cock ! I shook my head yes so he told me to take off my clothes and lay on my back on the floor .I watched him get up and pull off his clothes .When I saw his dick something came over me .I could not stop looking at it .I started to get all hot and tingly all over .My head was spinning and all I wanted to do is have his dick in me .I wanted him to fuck me hard .I wanted to have his sperm in me .No that is not right , I had to have his sperm in me !!!I watched him climb over me and lower his big low hanging balls down to my face .The odor was intoxicating as I stuck out my tongue and started licking them .Damn it was wonderful and he was very excited as he pointed his very big ,long and hard dick at my mouth and said come on baby ,open your mouth and take DADDIES dick in .When I opened up he stuck his penis in and as soon as it touched the back of my throat he lunged forward and at the same time he wrapped his powerful legs around my head and grabbed me tightly and crammed his dick all the way in .He fucked me a few strokes and then held his hard dick deep in my neck and grunted loudly . I felt his cock get even harder and longer and swell up in my neck then explode into me .I had to swallow it all and I realized that it was very tasty as the hot sperm shot down my neck and into my belly giving me a warm satisfied feeling that I have never felt before .I licked him clean and told him that I wanted more .A lot more !!!!And today I still do .I want a big hairy man to fuck me and make me do stuff to and for him and his friends ,I want him to make me his bitch . I will do just about anything for the right man .I would also like to play with some other cocks so you don’t have to be big and hairy .Little and smooth would be just awesome especially three or four of them as I dress up in panties and bras and watch porn .Send me your pics and tell me what you want me to do to laureesa at live dot com and I will do the same .I am looking forward to hearing from anyone that would like to have some discrete gay fun . I promise you wont be sorry !!!!!! And that was the first time I ever sucked a dick .I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did being there .Love and kisses !!!Laureesa

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