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Caught Jacking off

Current Age: 40
Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: outside
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Gay

Cutting grass for this older man down the street, for some reason I got very horney and went behind his shed to jack off. Right when it got good I herd him say. So that’s what your doing. he came around the corner and caught me. as I was trying to zip up and hide it. he said don’t stop now….. then he said no wait. come over here. we went into his garage where he had 2 chairs, we sat down then he said Ok now finish….. I was humiliated, as I hesitated. then he said here I’ll do it with you. he stood up pulling his plants all the way down, exposing his semi hard cock. I was surprised at it’s size. So I did same. we were sitting there playing with our cocks… mine really wouldn’t get hard again But God I wanted to cum….. he said having a little trouble are we? I said nothing…. then he said. here. and grabbed my dick and started playing with it…. he said this is how I like it. rubbing the top part of my dick, that was getting VERY HARD NOW….. he pulled on it for a while. then he reached over with his free hand and took my hand and put it on his cock. I started jacking him off….. Not knowing what I was doing he was giving me instructions. then he said Oh just forget it. and pushed my hand away…… He reached over and grabbed my balls giving them Quite a hard squeeze, I yelped a little as he laughed. then he said on your knees! I did as told. and in his cock went…… he told me to look up! he said Always look up when giving head, boy! he got frustrated with me and grabbed both sides of my head and started face fucking me…. It was hard to take all his cock and it was big around! I was struggling not to choke. He noticed me jacking off my cock and told me to stop it! then he said you don’t want another ball bruiser do you? With cock in mouth I said unnn noooo, he said don’t talk with your mouth full. Damn! shortly after this he pulled out his cock and started jacking it off right in front of my face. then he hollered open your mouth. OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!!! I did just in time to get a mouth full…….. after he stopped cumming he then took his cock and played with the cum on the side of my face and was moving it into my mouth. after he got all of it he could. he said ok now back to work………

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