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gay but great

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: my house
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Gay

i went to my cousins to sleep over. when it was time for bed we got undressed so we were in our briefs. we were watching tv when he started jerking off, so i did to. all of a sudden i felt his hand on my dick so i put min on his and we jerked each other off and we moaned. he stopped jerking me off but i kept jerking him off and he moaned and shot a load all over me. his dick was 7″ and mine was 6″, so we were not to far apart. he started sucking my dick cause i never shot a load before to it felt great, but it did not work so he got me up the ass and shot a load in me and that did not work so he humped me harder and started jerking me off and that worked!!! we were up all night doing, well you know and when ever i go to his house we do the same. That night he shot 5 loads and i shot 2 but i loved it!!

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