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Tori(im a lesbian..)

Where it happened: Her house
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Lesbian

Well when i was a freshmen in high school i was like really popular and all the guys were always flirting with me and asking me out. Well i only had one boyfriend in high school.And we never really talk, and i was not that interested in him. But i started to notice that i found girls attractive. I knew of a few lesbins in my school that turned me on. But i never really told anyone untill my junior year. But when guys asked me t, it was kinda insulting to me-since im a lesbian- sorta like a racist family and their daughter tells them she is going to date a black guy.

Anyhow, when i was a sophmore, i was on the softball team for my school. And we were the best known team around-Grantham being the best. Well one day we had to play grantham. I was the catcher. And we were in the dug-out, since it was time for my team to bat. And i was looking at all the other female players and how good they were. Well the catcher from the other team really caught my eye. All i could really tell about her is she had a cute body and long blonde hair. and i was very impressed by her skills as a softball player. wellit was my turn to bat and i hit the ball, and i made a home run. and she smiled at me. After the game was over, (we won 29-23) i was leaving when i saw her cleaning up her dug-out. she was alone.so i walked over there and asked if she needed any help. she said sure. so i heled clean up and we talked while we did that. I told her i was a lesbian. i was proud of my sexuality, and i was really attracted to this girl, i felt like we were soul-mates, possibly made for each other, i was so in love, feelings that i could never have for any guy or any other girl. she told me she was a lesbian as well. i was shocked. she said she dated guys untill a year before then, and was un-attracted now. well i offered her a ride home, and when i dropped her off, she invited me in. We started listening to music and we discussed the game. i told her how attracted i was to her, and she felt the same way for me. she leaned in and kissed me. that was the first time i had ever kissed or been kissed by a girl. i had kissed a boy once, but i didnt feel special. when you are a lesbian, and find your soulmate, thats special. we started heavily making out, and one thing lead to the next i was really turned-on when she pulled her shirt off, she was not flat chested, but not really big. she had cute breasts. i pulled her close to me and kissed her precious breasts. i began to suck then harder as they hardened in my mouth, and laid her down on her bed, and i took my clothes off. she un-tied her softball pants and i pulled them off. i saw her pussy and it really made me horny. i pulled off her little pink panties and kissed her hole. she was arching her back at this point and said more more, and i gently pushed my tounge in and out, untill she sat up and laid me down, i was wearing a bra and panties, she quickly removed them. i felt so great and she started nibbling my nipples. my pussy was soaked and tight as ever. she ate me out. and we made out some more and to this day we are still together. i thank god for her everday. i love her with all my heart. that is the closest thing i will ever get to sex. i would not change my sexuality for the world. so if any of you straight people know anyone who is gay, lesbian, transexual, homosexual, etc,. dont tease them. they are just like you, and they have a place in this world just like you, and like anyone, they have a soulmate.

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