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lesbian science teacher and music teacher

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: classroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Lesbian

This story is completely true unlike the other ones here. So i was new to the school and didn’t kno anyone. I got a timetable from my homeroom teacher. First period was music, so when i got there i saw the hottest teacher in my life. before i go any further i will describe myself and my teacher. i am tall, blonde and have c38 boobs. my teacher is my height,black hair and c34 boobs. i told her i was new and she told me to stay after class to tell me about the school. I stayed and after she was asking me personal questions like did i ever have fantasys about girls? i said no but i will probably have fantasys about you. she blushed and started to french me. the feeling of her tounge was so nice.i took her shirt off and started to feel her boobs through her bra, before taking it off. i then licked and sucked her boobs as she moaned. she stripped me down to my panties and took the rest of my clothes off.i pushed her on the desk and took her panties off with my mouth, i then started fingering her and licking her pussy. she told me to use the dildo in her desk, i rubbed it on her clit before shoving it in her vagina.she screamed and cummed on my face and then i licked it up. she did all that to me as i had my first ever orgasm. we scissored and grinded for a bit and then told me that i better go to class because she had one waiting.she kissed me on the lips goodbye as i left. i went to the music room after school and we just talked and kissed for a bit before grinding again, it was more sexy because she ha just her high heels on. ok so i have a foot fetish and i licked and rubbed her feet and toes. we continued to keep doing that and still are.

but the story isnt finished yet. i was in science the last friday period and met my new teacher, who was a close second in looks to my music teacher. she was a bit shorter than me and a bit chunkier with bleach blonde hair and 38D boobs.she told me to wait after class as she talked to me. my music teacher walked in and said i was having a hard time fitting in(i wasn’t) so i deserved a good show. her and my science teacher started to french as they stripped down. i stripped down and started to rub mysekf, my music teacher told me to do it individually with my science teacher. i started to slowly lick her tongue and suck her breasts and neck.we started grinding and i started to cum.my music teacher did it again with me and i had my first threesome.i sat on my science teachers face while she ate me and i sucked and licked and touched my music teaches feet and cute little toes while she fingered my science teacher.we went to my music teachers house and did it there while i told my parents i was sleeping over a friends for a weekend. we slept together in all positions we could think of and more all weekend.

i am happily dating my music teacher as we are perfect for each other but we sometimes have sex with my ex science teacher.my parents disapprove but i love her and wold choose her over them. so as you read this and rub yourselves. i have some advice, always sleep with ur hot teacher and one last thing, picture a hot tall blonde women with nice boobs holding an even better hot tall black hair woman close with our crotches touching together and ourboobs touching. thank you and have fun wanking while u read

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