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A little bit longer..

Current Age: 19
Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: High School/ my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Lesbian

I was walking to school with my girlfriend,yes im lesbo. She turned to me and said, I have a penis. Shocked I asked her what was she talking about? she told me she was born with a cock. Starting to get horny I asked if I could try it. We walked into school, went to are classes , and during are free period we went into the Ladies room. The stalls were pretty much like tiny rooms so nobody could see 2 people in a stall. We started to kiss. Slowly I took off her underwear. Jesus christ it was fucking huge! I started rubbing it slowly, until she took off my underwear. she teased me by just rubbing it against my wet vagina. Finally, she inserted it into my vagina. It felt so good! I was moaning so load somebody came to check the bathroom, of course she stopped. The person walked away. she started again. after school we walked to my house. Nor my mother or mother were home. My sister was at her best friends for a sleep over. Me and my sister are Identical twins. Anyways we walked up to my room, took off are clothes and laid on the bed and kissed. My room had a bathroom so i went and ran a bath. We fucked again. After are gradutation party that following month, she proposed. We adopted Twins of are very own . We now are a happy family. Me and her are taking online classes and the children are in kindergarten. I love my family.

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