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Never knew I was a lesbian

Where it happened: step sisters house
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I had always had my step sister Kate as a role model. She was the one person who had done everything right. good grade in school, got into college and wass old er than me. I always liked her alot. She was always the greatest person I knew. Even the day she told our parents (her real dad, my real mom) that she was gay. That was kinda my fault. See, she 8 at the time and had her girlfriend over when i kinda walked in on them. I then and knew that what they were doing was NOT right.
So I then and she had moved out and gone to college, the big 20 year old and all. So one day, she invites me to come visit her for a week near the end of summer just bfore she started a new year of university. Of course, I wanted to see her so I agreed. One of her roommates had moved out so there was a spare room for the next little while that I could stay in. I had no idea what was in store though!
I get there and we say hi and she introduces me to Karen, her girlfriend, who was actually really hot, though of course, I wasn’t that kind of person. Nice breasts though, not too huge but nice. I would find out more about them later.
I get unpacked and find out it’s just the 3 of us living there right now with their old roomie just moving away and all. They show me around the place and we all have a good time. Once I was unpacked the girls took me out to lunch and shopping a bit. They stopped at a shop for adults and got me in somehow. I’d never known what weird and wonderful place those stores were. It felt odd seeing her and her friend buying dildos while giving each other funny looks with the occasional one to me with a smile. Very odd.
That night I was sound asleep when I woke up to loud moaning. I thought nothing of it and tried to get back to sleep. but I couldn’t. It was so loud and I could tell it was Karen just living it up in the room beside me. Then she stopped and I heard Kate doing that. The weirdest part was it was REALLY turning me on. Now I was wide awake and SO horny. I went out of my room and saw that they had left the bag of adult toys on the counter so I took the vibrating massager they bought and went back to my room. I just went at myself like crazy. Within minuts I was moaning softly so that the others wouldn’t hear. but it was soon so quiet in their room that I knew that they could hear me and I had to stop but I was sooooo close to orgasm that I didn’t.
After I did I put it under my bed and tried to go back to sleep. The suddenly my door creeked open and Karen walked in wearing some rather revealing clothes. “Sandy are you awake?” she asked me. I said yes but I was trying to sleep. She apologized for waking me up but caught me looking at her breasts. I had no idea why I was but I had to. She glanced and my eyes and grinned at me “Like them?” she asked. Ijust blushed and rolled oover turning my head away. She came and sat on the side of my bed. “No really Sandy do you? I mean, do you think their good?” I said sure but I had to sleep. She lay down next to me and started to tell me how she heard me making some noise then found the vibrator and grinned at me. I sorta blushed and tried to roll over. She lay down on the end of the bed then and began to use the vibrator I had just finished with! It was still wet! she was really liking that and it was really turning me on.
She stopped aftr a minut and asked if I wanted to. I couldn’t. I couldn’t. I needed to. I had to. Oh god I had to use it or i would die. I waited a sec then said fine but she had to leave. She said, well maybe I better not let you then so I just said GIVE ME IT and put it on my pussy. Oh the feeling of that. Suddenly I felt a hand helping me with the vibrator. Karen was helping me. and i loved it. She seemed to know how to do it better. I just lay back and spread my legs and let her do her work. I had to or I would die I needed it so badly.
I was getting close to orgasm when suddenly the batteries were dying! (or so I thought. found out Later that Karen was just turning down the speed!!) Karen said oh i guess we betetr stop but I just put my hands down there and was going like crazy. She helped me. oh god her hands. She touched me once and I orgasmed. She kept her hand there though and gently touched me bringing me up so high.
When I orgasmed, I moaned s loudly that Kate heard me and she came in to see what was going on. “Karen! what are you doing! she’s a virgin and she;s not gay!” she said. Karen just replied “The explain why she isn’t telling me to stop? Do you want me to stop Sandy?”
I was straight, I liked guys, I had to say yes. “No…” I said dreamily.
Kate smirked and said “what the hell.” The next thing I know all 3 of us are completely naked. Karen is touching me all over and Kate is touching her all over. I was going nuts with pleasure. It was beyond anything i;d done on my own before. It was heaven. Soon, Kate was under me, her tits to my back, holding my tits while Karen was licking me clean and touching Kate.
I had reached levels I could never reach again- or so I thought.
Karen asked Kate if we should use the Dildos. She said no, Sandy’s a virgin but I said “Break me!” for some reason. It was like I was drugged up or something. who were they to argue? It hurt at first when she tried it slow but then she just jammed me and I screamed. It hurt alot at first but the pleasure numbed it away in s. Soon it was a new kind of pleasure added to the first kind. It was amazing.
By the end of the night, I had had an actual triple orgasm (or so I’m told- I really have afew hazy memories it got so hot). Something that only Karen had gotten once when they had gone for like 4 hours none stop.
Kate and Karen showed me things in that week that I would never have known about myself and about women. they wanted me to try out a guy, like they both had so they brought hom a guy who was about 17 and had him fuck us all then got him to leave after about 4 hours. Then we went at it for another 3 hours. Women are better.
I have to say, I never looked at Kate the same way again. I mean, I had sex with my sister. Well, Step sister but we were raised together like sisters. weird no matter how you look at it.
I’m in college now and I share an aprtment with 2 other girls. We actually did the same thing to one of my roomies step sisters afew weeks ago! She was resistant at first but soon we showed her the way. Now she’s one of us.
Would love to add more but one of my roomies just got here. Gotta go do some, ugh, exercise with her.
You wouldn’t believe what good shape we’re in either! Spending every moment outside of school and school work fucking each others brains out. We look way better than most straight chicks!

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