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Where it happened: my best friends house house
Langauge: English
Rating: 8
Category: Lesbian

Well, i was at my best friend’s house one day when her parents weren’t home. We were just watching tv. She was wearing skin tight shorts and a tank top that exposed most of her C sized tits. I’ve always had fantasies of having sex with her, but i was afraid of what she’d think if she knew that i really wanted her body. So then she layed on her back, which showed off her firm, tight, perfect ass through her shorts. i really started to get horney!! i was staring at her ass when she turned around and looked at me. i jumped a little because i knew that she saw me checkin out her ass. Then she said, “So you like my body?” and i nodded. she knew i was embarrased because she said, “its alright, i love your body too!!” i was so relieved and amazed! then she turned the tv off and sat next to me. we started making out, and we started taking off our clothes. she layed on the couch while i took off her shirt and shorts to reveal her beautiful body. i then took of her bra and started sucking her hardening nipples. after that i slid off her panties and began to tease her wet pussy. I tounged her pussy hard until she came on my face. she licked her cum off me, and then we swiched. she took off all my clothes and went right for my ass. she licked and tounged shaven ass hole. it felt soooo good!!! then we started to 69. this time i ate her ass and she ate my pussy. her ass was perfectly carved, so i couldnt resist eating her ass. she moaned out, “ooh my ass!!!” she was really eating my pussy hard, so i moaned soo loud that i thought the nieghbors would hear! after we both came, she said she’ll be right back. she left the room and went upstairs. when she returned, she had a big, long dildo. she told me to bend over, so i did. she sucked on my ass a little to lube it up, and then slowly slid the dildo into my ass! it hurt at first, but felt good after a while. after she pumped my ass hole with the dildo a while, i told her that it was her turn. she sat on the couch and spread her legs. then she said, “put it into my ass now.” so i ate her ass out, and pushed in the dildo. it went in without trouble, so i asked her if she screwed her ass often. she said, “whenever i have the chance to, i will!” Then she went into how she would clean her ass really good, and how much she loved it. After scewing her ass hole, she told me to lay flat on my back. i did, and she put the dildo into my wet pussy. she pumped it in and out of me. while she was screwing my pussy, she put 2 fingers into my ass. it felt so good that i came in about 2 minutes! Then we went back into 69 position. i ate her pussy while i slid the dildo in and out of her ass. She came in my face and i lapped up her pussy juice. soon after that i gave her the dildo and we resumed 69 position. she ate my pussy and slid the dildo into my ass just like i had done to her. soon i came as well into her face. after that we were spent! it was the best pleasure i ever had!!! after that day, i got a dildo and started pumping my ass whenever i had the chance. we did this several other times, and still do when we get the chance. she taught me a new pleasure! thank you and i love u baby!!!

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