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First time lesbians

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Lesbian

[Fingering, Licking, Strap-On, all lesbian, first time, aged 16/16]

Jordanna and her best friend Jessica go to school together, one day Jessica says “Hey my parents are outta town, mind if I stay at your place Danni?” Jordanna smiles and says “Sure jess” so after school they get to Jordanna’s house Jordanna says “My parents won’t be home for another, 5 or so hours, lets go to my room till then k?” jess smiles and agrees as they walk up to Jordanna’s room, jess closes the door behinds them and says “Hey Danni I have something I need to tell you..” Danni sits on her bean bag chair and giggles then says “Spit it out Jessica!” Jess replies “W-well you see..I..”

after a few minutes of silence Danni says “Tell me already” so Jessica grabs Danni and pushes her against the chair and starts kissing her, Danni quickly puts her hands on Jess’ shoulders and pushes her away but Jess is to strong and she wraps her arms around Jessica and starts kissing her back sucking Jessica’s tongue and licking her new lovers tongue as Jessica does the same, then Danni pushes jess on the bed getting Jess completely flat on her back on the bed and says “that was a surprise when you kissed me, but I feel the same”

Jess smiles and blushes and Danni takes off jess’ clothes and jess takes off Danni’s clothes while still French kissing passionately on the bed they both moan into each others mouth as jess rubs Danni’s pussy and Danni rubs jess’ pussy, Jess stops kissing for a second and smiles and says “Oh baby I love you Danni” Danni smiles and licks down to Jessica’s breasts and starts licking her breasts and nipples then licks down to jess’ pussy and starts licking it slightly, teasing her as jessica moans and says “Ahhh yes danni, ahhh stop teasing me and fuck my pussy” Danni smiles and says “My pleasure” she sticks her tongue inside jess’ pussy and starts licking inside, moving her tongue around and sticks 2 fingers in jessica’s pussy. Jess moans loudly and says “Ahh yes danni, mmm yes, come here” jess grabs dannis head and softly pulls her up onto her, jess smiles and says “Put your pussy in my face”

danni smiles and replies “My pleasure baby” danni puts her pussy on jess’ face and puts her own face in jess’ pussy, going back to licking it and fingering it, jess licks danni’s pussy as well licking the insides as they both moan loudly and danni says breathing heavily “AHH yes!! yes jessica! ahhh yes!, oh baby I’m cumming, ahhh yes, my first orgasm baby, ahhhh yes!!” jess licks danni’s pussy faster as danni orgasms, swallowing the cum and continues licking danni’s pussy but this time sticks a finger into her pussy and goes in and out slowly and softly as danni licks jessica’s pussy and fingers her with 3 fingers fast and hard danni moans and says “AHH fuck yes! ahhhh! feels soo goooddd ahhh!!” jessica moans and keeps licking dannis pussy and fingering her slowly still she says “AHH yes danni! ohh! I’m cumming! ahhhh danni!! fuck my pussy ahhh” danni keeps licking and fingering jessica as jess cums hard and danni licks up and swallows what she can as some drips down to her chin

jess asks her to get up. when she sits up jess licks danni’s face getting the cum and then kisses danni, sticking her tongue into her mouth as danni does the same, then they stop and get up and Danni grabs a strap on and says “I want to fuck your pussy, my ex GF gave me this in hopes of getting sex, she didn’t get sex from me though, I was afraid.” jess smiles and Danni puts it on, jess lays on her back on the bed as danni slowly puts the strap-on in jessica’s pussy slowly and jess smiles moaning and says

“baby ram my pussy hard, dont be gentle” danni rams the fake cock inside jess’ pussy slamming it hard as jess screams in pain but moans in pleasure. Danni stops for a second and asks “Sweetie I’m not hurting you to much am I?” Jessica smiles and says “No baby, I’m not a remember? in fact I want you to ram it in me even harder!” Danni does as commanded and fucks her lovers pussy harder and faster as Jess continues to scream in pain and pleasure and pushes against the dildo in rhythm, her breasts bouncing as she screams.”AHH YES DANNI! YES BABY YES FUCK YES FUCK ME HAA-HAARDERRR AHH R-RAM IT IN ME FASTER!” Danni continues fucking Jess faster and harder and she leans in and starts kissing Jess deeply and passionately while rubbing her breasts and pulling her nipples gently and Jess moans in Danni’s mouth as she gets fucked even harder and faster in each thrust and jess screams “DDAANNIII YY-YYESSS FUCKK YES YES! AHH I’M CUMMING! I’M G-GONNA CCUU-MMM ALL OVER YOUR FAKE COCK SWEETIE Jess feels her pussy tighten around the dildo and she starts breathing heavily and arches her body as she feels the dildo leave her pussy and quickly replaced by Danni’s tongue and she licks inside Jess and whispers “I want to taste your cum again” Jess feels her pussy tighten again and she screams ” AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’M CCUUMMIIINNGG! I’M CUMMING AHH YES YESSS” Jess starts sharking uncontrolably and breathing heavier than earlier as she cums hard and squirts a little in Danni’s mouth and on her chin.

Danni then lays on Jess’ stomach and they kiss passionately, sharing Jess’ cum and she whispers “Oh baby, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had! lay on your back honey” Danni lays on her back and she wraps her lips around the dildo and pushes it in her mouth and sucks the dildo dry, Jess then takes the dildo off Danni and Danni says “Honey I’m not ready to lose my cherry, I promise you can have it next time we’re alone ok?” Jess smiles and says “Ok, that hard fuck exhausted me anyway, but I want to pleasure you make you cum again” Danni replies with a smile “Lay on your side, and I will too in front of you, and I’ll let you finger me and kiss me ok?” Jess smiles and they do just that. They get in a spooning position and kiss as Jess fingers Danni with two fingers, Danni starts moaning louder and louder and they stop kissing as Danni screams in orgasm.

They then continue cuddling and kissing and Jess sucks on her fingers to get Danni’s cum and swallows it all, they fall asleep naked and shortly wake up to her family getting home, so they quickly get dressed, have one last long kiss before getting out of the room.

The end

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