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Where it happened: my room
Rating: 8
Category: Lesbian

Two weeks ago my parents and my best friend Alex parents went on vacation together, leaving me and her alone at my very large and awesome house…
I was hanging out with my friend Alex on the deck of my pool. We were very drunk and had been talking about boys. Then we decided it would be fun to play truth or dare. So first i dared her to pretend she was having an orgasm. She did it like a pro–a lot of ooohhhhhhh, ohhhhh, that’s the way, harder, harder, i’m coming stuff. Anyways we were cracking up from that. Then she took off her bikini top because she said she did’nt want tan lines so I proceedded to do the same. Then it was my turn-I picked truth because i’m very wussy. her question was how far i’d ever been sexually. I told the truth because she is my best friend ever. The truth is I have never even been French kissed. Niether of us laughed very much at this and i started to feel as though I should have lied because she was so experienced with boys. Then she suggested we go in the house because she was thirsty. So we got our tops and went in and got some more wine. We were sitting in the living room in complete silence when Alex started to say something. It was very muffled so I told her to speak up. “i have never frenched a guy either. I just said i have done all that stuff because i thought you had too and I didn’t want to seem like a loser.” I got up and sat down by her and gave her a hug. i told her it would be all right. Then it happened-she kissed me. Not just a peck but an actual kiss. on the mouth. She massaged my toungue with hers and held my curvy figure close to her amazing body. She whispered that she had always wanted to tell me the way she felt about me and girls. She said that she really wanted to save her sexual experiences for a girl. I said I would love to be be her first.
I led her up to my room quickly. When we reached my bed I pulled down the covers while Alex started to take off her swimsuit. I turned around to see the most beautiful naked body ever. Her tits were at least a 38 C compared to my stilll big 34 Cs. Her pussy was hairless and pink. Ohhh just thinking about makes me horny. Anyways she pulled me close to her body and started kissing me like never before. She layed me on the bed where she started taking of my swimsuit and kising me all over, moving from my neck to my tits where she started sucking on them like an infant while she rubbed my pussy getting it all hot and wet. She the moved down to my stomach and then to the glorious pussy I own! SHe lightly flicked my lips with her long tongue. Then she took her tongue and stared pumping in and out of my pussy with it. She laped up my sweet juices and started to kiss me letting my juices flow freely in my mouth. Then she took out a 8 inch dildo from her bag. She slowly pushed it up my pussy being wary of my cherry. However since I ride horses my cherry got popped when i . So I told her push harder. I she pumped with allher might getting me to scream and moan like someone was tring to kill me. I finally felt an explosion!! At which she took the dildo out and tickled my boobiess and pussy. She then sat over my face letting her juices drop into my mouth. i drank every last drop! I then began to fuck her really haard with my toungue. SHe kept screaming oh yes harder brit harder!!! The pleasure was insane! We then got under the covers where we held each others pussies while we kissed for at least 20 min. Then we took a shower together washing each others titties and pussies until they were very very clean ;-D!!!! All week while our parents were away we made love to each other and slept in my parents king size bed. We got a book online about lesbian sex poisitions–we tried every thing. We are have decided to be bi and next weekend we are having a boy friend of ours come over so we can have an orgy!!! I love you Alex…

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