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first lesbian experiance

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Lesbian

well first of all, im straight. im not a lesbian i have a boyfriend and were totally happy. but ill always remember my first an only experiance with a girl. it was the summer after 7th grade and i was going to my friend annas house to go in her pool with her. it started out not sexual at all, then she dived in. her bikini top fell off and i got my first glimps of her amazing 34C boobs. she asked me if i wanted to skiny dip and i said ya cause i was already so turned on. her parents werent home so we just swam around naked. she swam twords me and “accidently” ramed into me. our boobs touched and she blushed. there was an awkward silence then she kissed me. i kissed her back. she slid her toungue slowly into my mouth and we floated there for like 10 minutes. she asked me if i wanted to go inside and we went. we didnt even bother to put our clothes on or dry off we ran straight up to her bedroom and onto the bed. we made out for like 15 more minutes she slid her hand up to my 32C boobs and massaged them. she asked me if id ever eaten anyone out. i shook my head. she said shed teach me. anna pulled my legs apart and lightly kissed my wet pussy. it felt sooo goodd. then she slid her warm tongue into me. i moaned with pleasure and soon i was orgasming. she told me to do he same thing to her. her juices were sweet and delicious. i shoved my tongue into her soaked pussy an she screamed. OOOHHHHHH HARDERR HARDERR MORE MOREEE then we 69ed for a while fingering eachother and eating eachother out. it was the best experiance in my life. and i dont regret it

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