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first lesbian fuck

Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Rating: 8
Category: Lesbian

i was friends with this girl madison for a while i could tell she was probably bi. we were watching a movie at her apartment where sh basically lived by herself. she said amanda have u ever done anyhting with a girl jokingly i said yea hundreds of times. she said o well i always wanted too. the night continued and we went to bed. we both slept in the same bed and she said i feel much better sleeping topless so i said me too so we took our tops off. she quickly climbed in to bed real close to me with her hard tits pressed against mine she said show me what you did with another girl. so i felt her tits and down her stomach to her boxer shorts i pulled them down to reveal her freshly shaven pussy. i caressed her lips and then slipped my hand in. i massaged her clit and started moving closer to her. she turned on her back and told me to stand over her. i did and she massaged my pussy throught my shorts then she pulled them down. she pulled me ontop of her and i was now strattling her pussy. o could feel her warm pusst between my own lips. her clit was press into mine. she told me to hump her. so i spread her pussy and spread mine over it so our pussyswere in each other, i started to slowy rub my clit over hers. she got so wet i lyed on top of herwhile contiunually humping our tits bounced against each other. i was now humping more quickly our clits moving faster and faster over each other. she slowly moaned and cummed into mu pussy this immediatly made me cum on her. o got off her and layed with my legs spread wide and said lick me. so she licked up my thighs to my pussy lips and gently caressed my lips with her toung she then spread my lips exposing my throbbing clit. she licked it and sucked it curling her tounge around my clit and moving in and out she then got a vibrator from under the bed and gently slid it in me while turning it on. she slid it in and out while cotinueing the trick with my clit in her tounge. i mouned and cried her name while feeling my breasts.i cummed twice during this. she then sat on my face pussy first and i licked her in a circular motion and a figure eight she cummed twice on my face and then lied on top of me while humping my clit. i pushed my shaven pussy inton her harder and harder each time she humped we then came in each other and she sucked me again. we fell asleep with our pussys in each other and humped again in the morning.

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