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Current Age: 42
Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: shed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Gay

When I was younger I had a friend we will call him Sam. we would go camping,fishing, and do everything togather. while camping in a storage shed, ” in my parents back yard” we came across some penthouse magaines , and started looking at the pics. then we disovered the stories. so we started reading them to each other. Sam didn’t like the ones we found and said wait a min I’ll find a good one…” me being the smaller guy, he always kind of took control over everything. after a while he told me to read this one. So I did…. it was a gay story. and while I was reading it. he would say things like yea I like that. or he would say, ” this guy needs his ass spanked” I keep reading. and after the story he told me that we need to try this. At this point I didn’t care. I was SO fricking hard. I would have agreed to anyhting. I pulled my pants down and let him feel my cock…. It was GREAT. it didn’t last long b4 he slaped it and it hurt a little…. then he said we need to see who has the longest dick. He got his out and we put them togather and it was about the same. He said he won. and told me I’m the loser so I have to jack his…. I reached down and started playing with his. and he told me to use my other hand and play woth those balls. I did this too……. He told me to. get on my knees I could do it better. So I did. NOW granted it was dark, all’s we had was a small flash light for reading…. After I got down on my knees. he said. put it in your mouth…. I was scared and didn’t do it. right away. so He slapped me across the face lightly, But enoulf to let me know to do it….. I quickly took him full in my mouth. and was just holding it there, then he started pumping, while holding my head. this was VERY unconfortable. and I couldn’t take much more. I noticed that My mouth was slobbering quite a bit….. I told him. I cant anymore. he said tha the would laydown and then I could suck it…. with out any other word… he was laying down on the sleeping bag. and I was getting confortable besides him…” I wanted to sick it more” I started sucking and bobing my head. and I reached down and started jacking my self off….. He noticed and made me stop…… I had to play with his balls while sucking…. and then it happened…. HIS COCK GOT VERY RIGID, and BOOM…. I got blasted. it made me Choke and I was coughing and he was saying OHHH yea, While pushing my head down on him. only to be blasted again by the 2nd wave…. I pulled back just in time to catch the 3rd wave all over my face….. Good God I was a mess. I had cum drippin off my face. I was still choking and coughing cum. and my shirt was covered from dripping cum and slobber.

II wanted him to do mine but he said. I’m NO cocksucker….. So I was on my own… he said wait and made me read him that same story again…. the story was of one guy fucking another one…. he got hard again and told me to go into the house an dget some vasoline and then he would let me jack off. I started to get dressed and he told me to get some of my sisters panties while I was in there… I did…. when I returned. his COCK was sticking stright up… He told me to greese up his dock and then sit on it…. I did this and ya know what.. it wasn’t bad….. we didnt know what we were doing so we looked at some of the pics and the next thing I knew. I was on all fours getitng fucked…. again it was NOT bad… in fact I kind of liked it…… then he said ok here it all comes…” and I think I herd him say Bitch” he was being easy on me going slow. afte rI took it all he jus theld it there for what seemed like a long time…. he woul dspank my butt, and ask me if I liked it. ” I SAID YES” he then started going back and forth slowly and I was pushing back…..
He fucked me for a while and then he pulle out and slapped my butt hard and said TURN AROUND BITCH! I did only to find him jacking it. and spalsh…. Right in the face… he got a BIG kick outta this…. after it was over he told me that I could NOW jack off But I would have to wear the panties…. I put them on and put my hand in there with the head of my cock sticking up through the top. it took about 4 strokes and I blasted myself right in the face….. he fucked me one more time that night and then we never did anyhting for a long time…..after about 6 months he told me we were going camping at the creek. and for me to bring pnaties. I did… it was about the same…. he still fuckes me from time to time. and I suck him off… I’m married now and I told my wife…. at first she was werided out. then one night while we were drinking. she said call him. I wan tto see you suck cock………….

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