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IF you Build it, /They will CUM! PART 1

Current Age: 54
Age when it happend: 51
Where it happened: shed
Langauge: Englsih
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Gay

Ok I’ll fess up. after my wife passed I had to downsize and move to a lesser neaborhood, I found a house that had a large shed in the back yard. and there was NO fence. and a strange add on, that seemed to go nowhere attached to the shed. The alley was over grown and I didn’t think much of it. one day I noticed several dirty books out there and inside this addon. the addon was two corners with a small room and a chair. the house was in need of repair and I really didn’t know anyone in this town. One day about 2:00 PM I herd some noise outside and noticed some boys coming and going from my back lawn area. after they left I went and looked and they left some beer cans that were still cold so I figured some kids looking for a place to sneak beer. NO biggie. this action seemed to increase on the weekends and at night. so I installed a hidden camera through a hole in the back of the shed peeping into this add-on section. after a few days I review the video and nothing it was too dark. except for the one kid that was there in the middle of the day. It showed him sitting in the chair looking at those dirty books and jacking off . He was having a blast.

I went out to check the books closely the next day, and noticed it was some Bi-action and master slave stuff. Bondage and Crossdressing men…… there was some more empty beer cans in there too.
I got kind of excited and took one inside and I jacked off that night looking at it. ” HUM-I’m no better then him. of them” allowing this action to continue and wanting more, I installed a small light in this room ” if ya will” and they disappeared for about a week. ” I GUESS THEY THOUGHT SOMEONE WAS WATCHING THEM” I went ahead and installed a small fridge and stocked it with beer. it took them another week b4 they got brave enoulf to return to normal action and it was on!

I got some GREAT video. I was now jacking more than they were. I seemed to like the single kid that would show up in the middle of the day and didn’t really see him at night time. there were 4 different guys. I would guess to be in there early 20’s. they would smoke drink beer and have a great time in there. The single kid starting getting real comfortable using some spare lumber to make a make shift door and being alone to do as he pleased.

After about 3 weeks. he started undressing all the way. and he was wearing panties, a bra. and had some type of dildo he would use on him self. IT WAS GREAT! I really looked forward to seeing the show he was putting on. So much so that I subscribed to a Crossdressing publisher and they started sending me the magazines. I would jack to them and then put them in the room for him……..

after a while I thought what does dressing like a woman have to do with it so I ordered some lingerie, and started trying it. this too was amazing. the feel of the lace and nylon on my cock was cool, and I went father and got a dildo and used it several times. I decided why not look first hand and stop with the video stuff. so I hid out in the shed making a larger hole so I could see. into the little room, and I did this for about 1 week with out him ever noticing me.

I think he herd me coming a few times But I couldn’t help it. he was dressed in panties and fucking him self and so was I while we both were jacking our self’s off. this was GREAT!
then one day, he noticed me, and he said hey whose back there. I was caught and didn’t know what to do. so I just said. it’s me….”DUH” I then said don’t be afraid. I’m doing the same things in here. want to see my panties. he said. yes let me see…. SO I pulled my pants all the way off. and seen his eye in the hole and there I was modeling for a young man. in my panties, Bra, and I had stocking on…….
he was telling me to turn around. bend over. touch my toes. spread my arms out. and so on….. here I was entertaining a guy dressed like a woman. letting him give me orders. he said how long have you been watching me! I Said for about 3 months. and I told him I was the one buying the beer and books and I even had video. he asked me if I was jacking off too. and I couldn’t believe what came from my mouth. I said Yes sir. I think at this point he knew he had me. I was embarrassed to be caught. He said I want to see some of that video. I said Ok…… he then said. I’m coming in…… I said ok. come around I’m in the shed. the door is unlocked. he gathered up his clothing before I could put mine on and there he was, standing right in front of me. a small skinny 20 year old kid. looking mad. and he said do you have any more beer. I said yes. in the house. he said is anyone home. I said NO I live alone. he said I want to see those videos. I said ok lets go. I started to put my pants on and he said, Why not just go like that. are you scared. I thought Ide show him. and went in my panties and bra with my fake tits.

We got into the house, that was somewhat still under construction and I went for the beer offering him one and taking one for myself. and showing him the way to the TV. I got some of the video out and she said. OH no none of me. I want to see the other guys. BILL and Aaron. I said oh that’s their names. I then said my name is Johnny, and he said ok…..We watched some of them for a while and I went for my clothes and he said why not stay like that. So I did. NOW mind you. my panties were the crotch less kind with my balls hanging out. after about 4 beers. I was feeling Good and horney and my dick was sticking out the top of my panties pushing them down reveling about 1/2 my dick. he said you wanna jack off? I said yes if you want too! he said ok you jack me off and then I’ll jack you, while taking his pants off. I sat beside him and grabbed his dick and was feeling it. now mind you. I had never felt another cock b4. I didn’t know what I was doing but it must of been right because it stood straight upward, and was hard as a ROCK. He said wait this is not working. and he stood up pulled his panties all the way off. lifted up his shirt. and stood directly in front of me. as I sat on the edge of my chair. his cock was very accessible. I fondled his balls. with one hand and played with the shaft with the other. he must of known I didn’t know what I was doing because he started giving me orders. like use two fingers and stroke it. don’t squeeze the balls so tightly. he would say things like oh like that. that’s it. Oh yes girl friend. ” I’m not much of a talker when having sex.” then he said. go ahead and kiss the head. so I did for a while and he said it’s ok, lick it like a sucker. I obeyed, and started licking his shaft up and down. going around and around the head of it, then back down to the balls, then back up again. and then with out thinking, I opened up and took it in my mouth about the same time he said. suck on it Girlfriend! then he said Oh yea. that’s what I like a cock sucking. he said your good. you’ve done this before. ” I have never” again I didn’t know what I was doing I started bobbing my head, up and back up and back. and he said, OUCH, watch the teeth there, and I think he called me a bitch at this point I was in a daze, just examine, his cock and learning what it was to suck…… This is when I felt his hand on the top of my head guiding me back and forth…. then his other hand on the side of my head and his 1st hand moved to the side and he held me still while he started moving his self in and out. he was pulling his cock all the way out of my mouth and back in again. saying this is the way I like it. remember that OK bitch! this time I herd him clear. he called me a BITCH!

I noticed a tremendous amount of slobber running down my chin and dripping down to my belly. and I was trying to wipe and or catch some of it. I was surprised at the amount, I never knew. he was telling me how only bitches wear panties and bra’s and buy sissy book for younger men, and that I was a sissy cock sucking bitch. I just keep opening my mouth and letting him skull fuck me. from time to time he would say. well answer me Bitch…. I would say yes Sir. before I could get the sir part out in his cock went making it garbled. he then held his cock in my mouth all the way, holding my head very firmly and I noticed his cock got VERY rigid. as he was saying OH yesssss. Bitch. this is when it happened. ” I had not thought of the results of sucking a cock” and WHAM-O…… he let out a loud OH BITCH. and held my head so close and tight that his cum went straight down my throat, I started to choke not being able to swallow properly. and pulled back hard. and he said oh yea I know what you want bitch. and he released his grip . allowing me to back off, I was then coughing, choking. as his cock head was sticking straight out and him pumping on it. and WHAM-O. the 2nd blast splashed me right in the face. with a 3rd and then a 4th. the 5th was nothing but a little squirt. not anything to amount too.

after it was all over I was a MESS. I mean a mess. with my slobber his cum now covering my face me trying to wipe it off and having nothing to clean my hands with. Him just standing there looking like a guy who got the sucking of his life. he collapsed on to the couch besides me. saying Oh, my God that was GREAT. He said. WOW, I’m wore out. thanks bitch. and would you bring me a beer. I got up and retrieved him a beer he said open it for me…. I did. and he downed it……He then said. I’m too tired ot do you. so do your self. he said I’ll watch. I could not help it. I sat down and started jacking off. and he stopped me saying. Pull you panties all the way off. and to the edge of the seat letting your dick stick far out and get your mouth as close as you can. I did. it didn’t take anytime b4 I shot the largest load I had in years. he was laughing at me while I was Cuming saying something about Bitch this and bitch that….. I covered my face adding to the already cum on it……

I started using my finger to get some and put it on my mouth as he was laughing at me, And This time I herd him CLEAR. he said WOW your not only a cock sucking bitch your a cum eating panty wearing Cunt too…..he then said Get me another beer Bitch and keep them coming…….

After this experience, I was hooked. and he was right. what have I done? how did this happen? at this point I really didn’t care. nor did I mind being called names…… this young man. really hit the nail right on the head, with his name calling. and I was loving it……I discovered I loved humiliation. and the attention I was getting, He informed me that I was going to fit right in, with the GUYS! and I was thinking Oh. The guys. you mean he going to tell others? he’s going to share me? or order me? what am I. A cocksucker to be passed around?……..

There is a lot more to this as my lie totally Changed. Look forward to part two.

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