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Lesbian Love

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Best Friends House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Lesbian

One night while my parents were gone i had my friend, allison over. We were watchin a movie and there was a sex sence. Allison has a beatiful body, a great ass, huge tits, maybe 5’4 and skinny with long brown hair. I never knew i was a lesbian until this night…ANYWAYS i started rubbing my pussy and i looked over at her. She was sitting on the pull-out couch with a blanket over her. I made up and excuse and said i was cold so i got in the “beD” with her. Then the sex sence started getting hot and the guy was rubbing his hands over the girls breasts. I was totally turned on and began fingering myself. I looked over at allison and she looked at me. We giggled and tunred back to the movie, but i noticed some movement in the blanket where allison was… she must be horny to i thought. so i slowly moved closer unoticibly. Then i took my hand and placed it on the inside of her leg and began to move it up closer to her pussy. She looked over and went in and kissed me. we soon were making out and rolling around on the bed. She took her hands and undid my bra and then takin my shirt off showing my 34c breasts. I did the same to her and then began going down her ody reaching her breats and lickin and suckin and nibblin on her nipples. she took her hand and squeezed my ass and i totally got turned on. i undid her pants and began to rub her pussy getting it wet then i finger fucked her. first with one finger… then 2…then i moved down and began to lick her pussy. In and out my toung went and the i licked her crack as she shoved my face into her pussy as if asking for more so i did lick more and then began suckin on her clit. She turned me over and did the same to me only before she fingered me she took her pussy and ran it up and down my leg as if she was getting off on it. It must have felt good cause she did and she got faster and faster and then moaned. I was curious so i also did it. Then she licked my pussy and asshole and in and out with her toung. I dunno how to describe the feeling. I suggest every women tries this. you will find out its a lot of fun. I now have a b/f but me and allison still get together on weekend and play with eachother in my room

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