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Her panties

Current Age: 35
Age when it happend: 32
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Gay

I was working the night shift my wife the day. While I was home I would wear her bra’s panties and I started wearing her make up. ” I had herd so much about it, I had to try” I started doing this on a regular basis, doing the house work. cooing and such. just having a GREAT time. jacking off when and where I wanted to. One day. I herd the trash truck coming and thought Oh God, If I miss the trash again she will kill me. I was fully dressed and decided to go for it. As I was pulling the trash cans out I herd a voice. IT was the old guy next door. our drive is next to his back lawn. I ignored him. while walking back up the drive he said. HEY GIRL COME HERE. no way out at this point. I was caught and O God. I walked over and he said come on in here. I went over the fence and into his garage. He sat out there with a fan blowing drinking beer. he said Well I thought so. looking me up and down as the fan was blowing my skirt up showing my pink panties. I had water balloons for tit’s and they were quite large. I said Nothing. He reached up grabbed my tit and then bounced it… He said. If you really want to be a woman. I’ll make ya…… he stood up. undid his pants letting them fall to the ground pulled his underwear down. and said, WELL get to it. girl….. he sat back down as I kneeled in front of him. It was difficult to do anything and hold myself up so I sat on my butt with my legs in front of me. he took his dick and started flopping it around getting it hard. and he pulled my head closer hitting me in the face a time or two. He stopped and I started. I sucked his cock and played with his balls. it didn’t take long before he came and it got all over my wife’s pretty clothes. even on her bra. he finished up by wiping it off on me. he then said ok. come back tomorrow. same time. I said nothing. as I was leaving looking all around to see if anyone seen me. he hollered out. you don’t want me to tell your wife do you?

I went inside cleaned up jacked off several times. and dealt with my sexuality. The next day came and I did as told. I was dressed in her clothes again. A short skirt. panties bra. makeup the hole nine yards. I looked at myself in the mirror, thinking I don’t make a bad looking woman….. I went over the fence and started hearing some noise coming from the garage, thinking it was the TV….. WRONG!!!!! When I turned the corner. there were 3 men there drinking. and they sarted to laugh at me. hearing the voice say here she is BOYS! He told me to get on my knees and suck his cock….. I did as told. this time I was to bend over so the boys could get a look at my ass. I was on all fours sucking cock, with my skirt pulled up showing my panties and my cute ass for the guys. I felt a hand back there and thought Oh boy…. But nothing happened…. after he cam all over me, AGAIN! he told me to go over there and suck them off. I told him my wife is coming home soon, and I don’t want her to catch me….. he then said Come here, I did and he made me lay across his lap. he pulled up my skirt and them told me to pull my panties one sided. as I did. he started spanking me HARD! BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM,,, I reached back to rub my ass. and he said DONT DO THAT…. That ‘s 3 more. BAM BAM BAM…… I felt tears come to my eyes. IT HURT DAMMIT!!!!! He raised me up and said. when I tell you to do something. you do it. Yes Sir I said. I went and got on my knees and sucked them off. one at a time they face fucked me. coming all over my face my blouse my tits, it was dripping down on my skirt. After I finished I rushed home washed her clothes and rubbed my ass. he didn’t tell me to come back the next day. But I’m sure you know what I did.

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