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It was so sexy, it turned me gay!

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Mates house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Gay

It was a sunny afternoon and I was going to my friends house to organise my birthday party, I was 14 and I was soon to turn 15 and my friend was my age. When i got to his house his parents when out and we were left alone, We started to organise and I said to him I got bored and we should do something else, and he agreed, we sat there for about 5 minutes thinking and then his hand slipped in between my legs, i was surprised but at the same time i liked it! I looked at him and smiled, he rubbed my penis more and I started to get hard, i pulled down my pants and boxers to revel my big hard cock, he smiled and lent down to suck it, he could really suck! it felt so good!! I moaned and then i had the urge to suck his! I started to rub his cock and i could feel it getting hard, i pulled down his pants and boxers and his cock was bigger than mine and it was only a flop! I lifted up his cock and started to suck it, i could feel it getting hard in my mouth, i took it out and started to give him a hand job. We went on for an hour, and then we lay on his bed, naked together, he walked to the bathroom and got a condom, i knew what he was think, he put the condom over his big hard cock and i bent over and he shoved it in my ass, it felt so good! I moaned and kept on screaming FUCK ME OMG YEAH OH OH OH!!! Then we got in the “69” position! We kissed pasionately all night. We still make love today and we are together!

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