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Gay Fantasy

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Friends House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Gay

This is a story I have written inspired by my fantasy of a crush I have on my best friend James.

It was a hot summer day and the year would soon end. I’m in eighth grade he is in grade 9. I discovered I was gay in the September of grade seven. James was the first person I ever told I was gay and was very supportive of it. He’s about 5 foot 7, sharp hazel eyes and rough blonde hair.

Every Tuesday and Friday at the end of the day we had gym class. Gym had just ended and we were the first into the locker room. He pulled his shorts down to reveal his tight white undies. His cock throbbed through his underwear and I naturally felt myself drooling looking at it. My cock instantly hardened and began leaving a large indent in my pants. I heard the locker room door open and quickly looked away.

After grabbing our things we headed to the buses as usual we sat together at the back. We sat on the bus and discussed school and arranged plans to go hang at his house. We walked to his house to find his parents weren’t home. We talked about life and some old friends from grade 5. I asked if I could use his bathroom. I walked towards the bathroom and came out a minute later. I excitingly found him sitting on his bed with his hand deep in his pants.

This was the opportunity I had been waiting for months now. I walked towards him and asked how he and his girlfriend had been doing anything lately. He said no and I asked him if he had ever considered doing it with me. He quietly said it had been something he had thought about before and was a willing to let me give him some head and make out. I slowly pulled off my shirt and then his I pulled my jeans off and decided to leave his on for the time being.

I began kissing his chest and began making my way to his mouth. By the time I reached his shoulders a grin was spread wide across his face. I made my way to his mouth and didn’t hesitate to get started. I could feel my cock rubbing against his jeans as I made out with him. I rapped my hands around his back and things had really started up. I began playing with his lower lip and he instantly began moaning with pleasure. I could feel his throbbing cock trying to break through the prison that was his jeans.

I began slowly undoing his belt and down his pants. His tight underwear were barely enough to hold his giant cock. A small wet area of pre-cum sat there just tempting me. I began a descent to his amazing cock kissing every body part I passed I made it towards his cock and began trying to suck his cock through his tight underwear. It was about to get a lot better.

I pulled my underwear down and then his. I was surprised when I was nearly hit in the face by a throbbing seven inch cock. I sat there feeling so jealous of his luscious seven inch cock compared to my 4 inch. I began licking it. His cock tasted great. I was quickly getting more and more turned on as his cock began to slowly grow. I put my mouth around his cock and began to suck. James began moaning and moaning and his amazing cock began to throb more and more. A load of his warn man seed rushed into my mouth I swallowed some but it was to much and it began flowing from my mouth back onto his sexy cock. I began to suck harder and he moaned with pleasure louder and louder. For the first time since we started he spoke.

“I want your throbbing cock in my mouth baby!” I was now so hard I though my dick was gonna explode I turned around and sat at the top of his bed. I looked where I was laying before his bed was wet from a layer of pre cum. He eagerly got towards my cock not worrying about anything. I pulled him towards me and set his head against my cock he instantly began sucking I let out a moan of pleasure and my cock began to throb. I knew it was coming. A load of warm cum overfilled his mouth and dripped between his lips he was eager to suck is all up and slurped up anything that was on my cock. He seemed to be done and pulled himself towards my mouth he grabbed my head and began making out with me. His tongue played with lower lip and a another small load of cum leaked onto his cock. He smiled and looked at me we then began making out. We exchanged blow jobs and made out for hours. We eventually fell a sleep on top of each other in a make out session. When I awoke I sat there savoring the events of the previous night. I didn’t move and stayed on top of his sleeping body. This had been a conquest for me and would be something I would never forget.

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