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am i gay/bi/straight??!

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Gay

since puberty, iv been confused about my sexuality. I fancy girls, but have a fascination with gay porn. I want to have sex with girls, but i love seeing men naked and engaging in sexual acts. I find it a real turn-on. Iv always been close to my two older brothers (21 and 25 years old), and we’ve always been comfortable around eachother. I remember they used to chill round the house naked. it didnt seem to bother my mum that there were three sexually mature men walking round the house naked (my dad did too). it was normal for us. When i hit puberty, i joined the gang, and me and my bro’s used to hang out together naked. my mum was strict about one thing though, no erections…that was to be done in private. So we used to go up to one of our rooms or into the garden and masturbate together. my older brothers showed me what to do etc. i found it hot watching them wank, especially when the ejaculated. once i helped my one brother jerk off, i was giving him a hand job, and had the urge to lick his penis to see what it was like. I put it in my mouth and stroked it with my tongue. my bro was obviously uncomfortable with it and hit me out of the way. we had a real good chat about my sexuality, which helped me get everything in the open. I really wanted to try some gay sex, to see if my like of gay porn had any meaning. my middle brother agreed to help me discover my sexuality, and let me give him oral sex. It was a good feeling, but didnt confirm anything. he then said he would have anal sex with me (strictly demonstrative) to see if i liked it. first he penetrated me, which was an experience to say the least! then i did the same to him, which he was a bit squeemish about! although i enjoyed it, i think it confirmed that i just fantasise about men and gay porn, but my true sexuality remains aimed at women.

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