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Gay sex with my best friend

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Best friends house
Language = English
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I was going to an all boys school with my best friend Lynden. I met Lynden in primary school an I had always had a crush on him. I thought he was gay but when I asked him he started to joke around, so I never knew. One night we had a sleepover , the the two of us. His mum and sister went to bed so it was only us two awake, we were watching a movie. It came to a sex scene and I asked him if he had ever had sex or had ever jerked. He started laughing and he said yes to jerking, he Ames if I had and I said yea. I asked if he wanted to jerk off together he laughed again and said yea ok , and so we did. I then asked him if he was gay and finally he told me . I felt my dick shoot up, I looked deep into his eyes , feeling so horney. I didn't know if I should kiss him and I was thinking about the awkwardness there woul be if I got rejected but in that special moment I kissed him with tounge. We were making out for about a minute. I then held his rock hard penis in my hand and started jerking him he smiled . We were both shirtless so I started kissing his body then started liking his dick. My dreams had come true and with my hot crush and best friend. After. Around 10 minutes or more he blew his load all in my mouth after I asked if he wanted to suck mine and he said yes he did the same around 10 mins aswell I blew my load into his mouth after , he asked if I wanted to go further and I said fuck yes with so much excitement. I asked if he had a condom and his reply was no but I was really Horney so I said fuck it and put my rock ard penis in his pure asshole. He started making noises and I said shh don't wake up your mum and sister so he shouted into a pillow. When it was my turn to get fucked I was so excited this whole sex thing was great. He did the same position with ne and I now knew why he wa making the noises . We were both sweating and I wanted to touch his sexy wet body again so I did and made out with him again while he was fucking me. After he was done , we laid there naked hugging each other and feel asleep. Luckily I woke up before everyone so I put my boxers and Lynden boxers on but I sucked his a little . An that is how I lost my virginity.

Gay sex with my best friend

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