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First Gay Sex... In School Bathroom

Sex = Male
Where it happened = School Bathroom
Language = English
Refnum = 41003
I was 14 at the time. I was in the 8th grade, and I was a very shy kid. At lunch I sat with some of my friends, none of them knew I was gay. One is this guy named Jason. He had long blonde hair, and had a very kind of gothic style to him. That was new to me , because I didn’t like that group of people. Jason was always one of those who jumped around on people, always touching people to get on there nerves. Many questioned if he was gay. Well one day our school had a special field trip, and half of the middle school was gone, so at lunch that day me and Jason were sitting together at lunch (rest friends went on field trip) and he asked me if I would walk with him to the soda machines, so we could buy a soda. I said yes, and we went walking threw the halls, after we got our sodas, he asked for me to use the bathroom with him. When we got in there, it was empty. Jason told me to hold his soda, as he went to the urinal to piss. I was standing there, trien to get a peak in. He then turned around and said look. I looked down and said “eww” because I thought he was joking. He said “what? Let me see your” I told him hell no. but then he told me to look out the door to see if anyone was around, I did and no one was. He told me to come closer to him, as I did.. And he pulled down his baggy pants, and his loose boxers. He slowly started unzipping my jeans, while he was looking into my eyes. He then got to my cock, as he began rubbing it. I was hard as hell. He then kissed my upper lip, as we began to make out. I then put my left hand grabbing his ass, and my right hand, jacking off his dick. We then stopped as we took off our pants completely . He told me to bend over. He then walked up behind me and told me to spit into his hand, as I did. He jacked off a little more, as he finally grabbed me and stuck his giant dick inside my ass. It felt so hot , but It kind of hurt since it was my first time. He then quit after about 8 minutes and told me to do him, he bended over.. I didn’t know how exactly to put it in, so I just shoved it in as hard as possible, and just sat there. He started shaking his ass, where my dick would move.. So I got the hang of it, I started banging into him until I cummed in his ass hole.. We then left the lockeroom. Me and Jason still talk today but nothing has happened since. No one knows about it..Besides me and my hot first timer Jason! I love you Jason, and thanks!

First Gay Sex... In School Bathroom

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