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gay experience

Age when it happend: 33
Where it happened: back of a van
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Gay

I met this guy at a bar and we started talking about sex. He told me he and his wife had not been gettng along.
Next thing I know he’s rubbing my knee and ask me if I want a blow job. Being a little light headed from the beer I’ve been
drinking I decide to go along with it and I say “sure, why not.” I recommend we go out to my van parked in the public lot
just down the street. Well, we get in the van and he takes out his penis, and starts jerking off. I ask him if he’s not worried
about getting caught. I’m fascinated by what he’s doing right in front of me. He ask me if I’d like to touch him,and
why I did, I don’t know. I reached over and felt his hardening cock. It felt pretty good to me and I can tell he’s really getting off on
it. He then slips into the back of the van and tells me to follow him. As I follow I find myself wanting to take a lick of his
penis. I get down on my knees and take a little lick. I didnt find it to bad so I try again, only this time putting my mouth over the
head. I find this fairly enjoyable and notice this guy is getting pretty worked up. For some reason this is turning me on too. I keep working
on him with my mouth, and suddenly he tells me he’s going to explode. All of a sudden I have this warm sensation in my mouth, but I like the
way it feels, although the taste doesn’t turn me on to much. He’s just really, turned on by this and we exchange places and he does the same to
me. Only I notice when he’s sucking me he is jerking himself off. Now Im thinking I don’t want him to cum in my van so I tell him to stop and
finish me off before he cums again. Needless to say we finished the night doing it twice to each other. I worried about AIDS and stuff for
a long time after that, even went in for a physical. For the excitement I had that night, I know it wasn’t worth the worry I went through
thinking I had aids or something like it. When I look back on the experience I did enjoy it, but wouldn’t do it again, I worried to much.

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