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Uncle/11 year old niece

Age when it happend: 44
Where it happened: My house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

It was a long weekend when my niece came to stay with me, we had some plans to go fishing and camping , however we got a weather report that was definitely not going to allow us to do that so we decided to get some jusn food and some videos.

My niece Salia was 11 just turned and was the most affectionate kid I knew. She would always be sitting on my lap or laying on top of me as we watched tv. When she was a few years younger she would sit on my lap as I was on the computer and would wiggle her cute little bum to get comfy oblivious to what it was doing to my cock. Well one day she gave me an erection and turned to look at me and asked what that was, I shrugged it off and told her it was just something in my pocket. I wasn’t sure if she bought this but she didn’t seem to mind it lodged in between her ass.

Anyway we were getting ready to watch some videos when a bright flash of lightning went off outside illuminating the house as if it was a bright sunny day. She immediately looked at me and we began counting, 1,2,3, BOOM!! the loudest thunder I have ever heard, it shooked the whole house as it rumbled away and sounded like it was right above my house. Just then the power went out and we were walking blind. Salia screamed and called to me, Uncle, Uncle?. I replied it’s ok baby just rleax it’s only a little bit of a storm I will go get some candles wait here ok. No way was her reply and we were joined at the hip on our candle hunt. 30 minutes later and we had the whole living room and kitchen as well as the hallway illuminated with several candles.

I remembered that the deck furniture was still out and wouldn`t last long if it was going to get windy so I told Salia I was going to go out and bring it in. I went out the back door and the wind was picking up quite fast and it was raining like crazy, I struggled to get the lawn chairs and the chaise and bring them in. I was thoroughly soaked when I brought them in and stood on the back mat dripping. Salia brought me a towel and I began to dry myself but my clothes were soaked through so I asked her to go fetch me my robe so I could strip off and not worry about traipsing water all through the house. As She handed it to me I said ok baby turn around unless you want a show. Eeeeeek was how she replied and I laughed as she ran off.

I stripped my clothes off and put the robe on and tossed the wet clothes in the basement as I went by to go to my room to get dressed. I was deciding that since I was up here I would grab a quick shower.

I was happily washing away when Salia came in and said Uncle i`m scared its so dark and scary downstairs i`m waiting in here with you. I laughed and said ok scairdy cat you can wait here but you will have to close your eyes when I get out.

I`m not a little girl Uncle I have seen men`s thingys before you know, she said increduously.

Oh you have have you and when was this.

Last time I was here and got scared of the dark and came and slept with you. You shouldn`t sleep naked you know she said rather naughtily.

Oh and just what did you see young lady, I replied.

I saw your thingy, it looked kinda weird though, it was all hard and there was something wet coming out of it, was it pee.

I threw back the curtain and she looked directly at my growing cock, why don`t you come in and wash uncles back for him. She was transfixed on my cock as she began to undress, she didn`t hesitate at all and got in the shower. My niece is quite thin with long dark hair and brown eyes, the cutest little buds just starting to grow with little small brown nipples and a sexy little hairless mound with delicious little lips.

She stood in front of me looking up at me as she took hold of my cock and began to feel it al over, up and down the shaft and below to hold my balls in her little hands. Oh Uncle this feels good, I leaned over and kissed her on the lips, lightly at first then as she loosened up a little a little harder and I opened her mouth with my tongue and explored her mouth and tongue. She was stroking my cock a little faster now and as I leaned back to watch her she knelt over and kissed it and flicked out her tongue and licked the head and shaft, I moaned as she began to take me in her mouth, first the head and a little more but she couldn`t manage to get much in but she was stroking it furiously and it wasnt long before I warned her I was about to cum, she took her mouth off me and looked up at me as I clenched my ass and legs and came all over her face and neck, she thought this was wonderful and giggled so innocently which made me the more excited and I didn`t stop cumming as she pumped me like a pro. We washed each other quite thouroughly and got out and went to bed.

Uncle, do you think I am old enough for you to stick your thingy inside me, I am all wet down there and would love to see how that feels.

MMMMMM you bet baby, Uncle will do anything you like. But first let me show you what it feels like to do something else thats quite special. I laid her on my bed on her back and spread her legs apart. I got down between her legs and touched her little cunt with my fingers, lightly at first then I inserted my pinky to the first digit and leaned in and licked her red engorged lips, She squealed in delight as I slowly began to lick her wetness and finger fuck that wet little cunt, she panted and moaned and grabbed my head and said oh yes uncle dont stop, that makes my pussy feel so good, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UNCLEEEEEEEEEEE please yes yes!! I sucked that little tight pussy as she went into near convulsions, then her whole body relaxed and she was spent. OH my Uncle what was that, I said I think you had your first orgasm my dear.

Oh Uncle That felt wonderful, I rolled over and laid on my back my hard cock towering straight up, she rolled on top of me and hugged me tight straddling me so her red hot pussy was right between the shaft of my cock. She kissed me like I showed her and she began to rub herself up and down my cock. She was so wet still it was sliding quite easily. I grabbed her ass and put a little more pressure on her little steaming cunt, she leaned up a little and slipped the head into the tight little opening, she gasped as she sat straight up and lowered herself onto my cock. She lowered herself to her hymen and looked at me and said whats that Uncle. It`s your hymen baby, this will hurt a little and there might be blood but it`s what doesn`t make you a virgin anymore so you have to break it but you do it when you feel ready ok you can ride uncles cock as long as you like and when you feel like breaking it just thrust your self down harder on my cock and you will break through it. My cock will go deeper in you but after a bit it will make you feel so wonderful. Salia looked at me and leaned down and kissed me again and thrust herself down and screamed in pleasure as she broke through and cried a little but bit her lip and began slowly moving back and forth as we were pressed together, just a little rotating her hips back and forth her ass slowly taking some cock in the releasing it. Then she sat up and placed her hands on my chest and began riding me for all she was worth, her tight little cunt was so wet from the blood and her juices, she and I were in heaven as she fucked her uncle faster and faster. I reached up and tweaked and pinched her little nipples, she leaned over allowing me to suck them and lick them as she rode my hard cock. I looked at her and told her I was about to cum, she tightened her cunt muscles and held on as I came in her in a rush, I must have cum a bucket in her as she fucked me faster and faster oh uncle oh uncle I love you I love youuuuuu, I love you too baby as I spent my load in her she felt me go soft and relaxed her muscles but still held me in her. MMMMMMMMMM Uncle I love fucking you, can we do it again. I laughed and told her she would have to give me 20 or 30 minutes to uhh recharge my batteries, she laughed and got off me and took my cock in her hand and kissed it and licked it, saying to me I love this cock uncle, it`s my cock and i will suck and fuck it forever. You can have me anytime you want uncle.

MMMMMM baby I like what you are doing right now. I fell asleep with my cock in my 11 year old nieces mouth, I am sure she fell asleep the same way.

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