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Current Age: 55
Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: party
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was 15 years old and living on a river. In the summertime, there were a lot of parties thrown by neighbors and friends. This on particular party will be forever embedded in my mind:
I t was my next door neighbor having the party. The food was good and the alcohol flowed like water, with a little weed to smooth off the rough edges. The stereo played loud and proud and it seems the entire neighborhood showed up to “party”. My friends and their families were there and everyone seemed comfortably buzzed.
A slow song came on the stereo and one of my friend’s mom asked me to dance. We got up close and started dancing. I could feel warmth coming from between her legs and I got one of those rock hard erections. I knew she could feel me against her when she smiled a knowing smile and asked if I’d like to take a swim with her.
We made our way to the beach, where she removed all of her clothes and jumped into the water. Looking at me she asked if I was just gonna stand there or come in with her, so I took off my clothes and jumped in. She was standing in some deeper water and asked me to come over to where she was. I glided over to her and she asked me if I had ever been with a girl. I told her that I had had some touching before but nothing more. She told me that maybe it was time for me to learn a few things. Well! My erection didn’t disagree. She took one of my hands and placed it on her breast, nipple already hard. “Rub this”, she told me. I didn’t think I could get any harder, but I swear I could have broken bricks with my cock. Her hand went under the water and found my cock. “Wow, this feels even bigger than when we were dancing.” (I did boast 8inches at the time). While stroking me, her other hand took my hand and guided it between her legs to her smoothly shaven pussy. She placed my finger on the hard bump and told me to rub there. All the while her hand was sliding up and down my bone. This was feeling really good for me! She told me to rub faster and harder, so I did. Moans started escaping her tightly pursed lips when she thrust her pussy onto my hand and had an orgasm.
“Damn that felt wonderful” she said. “Now let me do the same for you.”
She had me climb a ladder on the pier until my cock was above the waterline. She mentioned that “it even looked better than it felt” as she dipped her head and kissed the head of my cock. Her tongue danced along the underside and I felt like I was in heaven. It felt GREAT!! Looking up at me looking down on her, she opened her mouth and the head of my dick into her mouth. Her lips tightened and she started sliding her mouth up and down the entire length of my dick.
I didn’t know what cumming was, but I felt my balls tighten up and the strange sensation of something getting ready to happen. Her mouth went all the way down on me and I felt the cum erupting into her mouth. She kept my whole dick in her mouth until I was finished, swallowing every bit. Sliding my dick out, she stopped at head and milked the last drops before licking her lips and smiling at me. “Thanks for my dessert” she said. “I hope I can have more another time.” Then she told me that she wouldn’t mind if I wanted to start seeing her daughter (2 years younger than me) who had a huge crush on me.
I’ll leave that story for another post………. 🙂

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