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Innocent Robert

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: In Her House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Well Let me start to me….I grew up in a VERY strict catholic parents and my parents always see to it that im as innocent as a kid. the girl who opened my mind when it comes to sex is named Sarah.i was 14 when this happened and she was 18. She is my babysitter (yes I know its humiliating to have a baby sitter at my age) well during that time i was a total virgin. I dont mean to brag but i was very handsome. Now for the story my mom left me alone with her because she had a ver important business trip my dad was at abroad that time so its just me and her. when i was watching TV she sit next to me and began asking questions at first it was regular questions but then she started asking me questions like do you have a girlfriend and something like that.then she asked me if i was a virgin then i said yes. Then she asked me whats the size of my dick and I said 6.5 inches (i wasnt lying) then she suddenly touched my crotch and i was surprised she hold my hand and we went into my room. I was proud of showing my 6 pac abs to her and she said Nice Body..and now we were both naked now we negan doing the 69 position MAN! Her pussy is very delicious!! and then she ride me its so fucking felt good her moaning makes me feel more horny!! And now this time i was moaning like mad then she bent and we did the dog style position. I cant explain how much pleasure ive been feeling then before i know it she already cum which made me push my hard cock against her faster and i told her im going to cum soon and she said i should cum inside her pussy i said what if u got pregnant and she said she wouldnt mind having my baby which made me cum inside her pussy after that me have sex 5 more times the same afternoon….

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