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Daughters Friend -Comments

Age when it happend: 55
Where it happened: CAMPING
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I just wanted to add these few comments. I was surprised Caitlyn was so open to her nakedness with me. She as surprised me that being just 14 years old she was comfortable be naked with me, and even more surprised that although she is not a tiny girl she is very young at 14 and she could handle everything I could give her sexually. My dick is not gigantic, but it is 7 inches and bigger than average, and she had no problem with it? She made me promise, there in the shower stall that we would do it again, in a bed where she can lay down and we can “do it normally” she said. I made that promise. She held my hand on the way back to the campsite and kissed me goodnight before we got all the way back. I still have a mental picture of her naked, bent over exposing her crotch and pussy awaiting the entrance of my hard dick. What a sight! I asked her on the walk back how many times she had done this with a guy and she said alot, and she said she wanted to tell me more and when she gets a chance she will. I will share that here.

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