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Phew! I came.

Current Age: 27
Where it happened: Her couch
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

So let’s just say things got carried away in a good way. I mean I came twice. Anyway she invited me to her house to just hang out. We have been dating for a whole year! Her house was just around the block so I walked over there. I think she purposely wore her t-shirt that shows off her tits because maybe she knew we were going to fuck that day. So we just sat and snuggled and watched tv then I noticed my cock getting big and that’s when I see her hand on my nuts. With her other hand she grabbed my hand then put my hand through her shirt touching her tit. This got me pretty aroused so I turned her head that ways I could kiss her a little bit while our hands were in the same places. She started rubbing my crotch which made me start dripping in pre-cum. So I answered back by just rubbing her tits and nipples which were getting hard. She unbuttoned my pants and turned off the TV. I pulled off her t-shirt unveiling her bra holding her big cute tits. I pull off my t-shirt and pull off my pants leaving me in my boxers wet from my pre-cum. I start rubbing her body and pull down her pants. We start kissng then I suddenly don’t feel my boxers on my body anymore. She gets on her knees on the floor. I peel back all my extra skin and slip my cock and she starts sucking away. I moan hard and I can tell that I turn her on every time I moan so I do it a couple more times. I lay her down on the couch that ways we can fuck but I ask “you want me to um…” ” yes”she replies. So I enter. She moans long and sexy like a “eeeuuuhh!!!” I go gentle first then she tells me to go faster and faster. I thrust while she moans until she orgasms. And soon enough I cum like I’ve never cum before. I withdrawal and I see my cum dripping out her pussy. Then she starts licking my balls. Now it felt great but it was kind of a mistake doing it on the couch because now there is a big cum stain on the arm rest thing at her house. I felt like I needed to shoot some more cum and I was aiming at her face when I was jerking it off but then I came a little bit to hard and got most of my load on it but the main thing is that I fucked her righ?:)

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