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**Lesbian lust**

Where it happened: her house
Rating: 5
Category: Lesbian

Ok one day I went over to my friend’s house to spend the night.
She works at a local drugstore and they called her in parents
went out for vacation and they wouldn’t let me stay by myself.
So she left and I went to her sister’s room.Now her sister is
hot!Her sister was mexican (they were step sisters) with beautiful
dyed silky long red hair,and beautiful green eyes.She was kind of chubby she had a few jelly rolls.She was
5″1 168 pounds and you would never guess…54DD tits!I’m not
lying either.Anyways she was watching “There’s Something About
Mary”.And there was this part where “Mary” (Cameron Diaz) was putting
on a shirt.Anyways her sister (who i should have mentioned earlier,
her name is Yvonne) was wearing a light faded yellow lycra
tube top with NO bra and white hoochie shorts.Mind you the
top was small and you could see everything.I’m a lesbian and
for some reason chubby chicks turn me on.her top ended about 2 inches
before her belly button and her stomach was all hanging out.
Anyways she got up and she has a nice huge ass on her.Usually
I get turned on by chubby chicks but for some reason then
I wasn’t in the mood.So I asked her if I could try on her shirt and she
could try on mine (I was wearing a Nike Adult XL shirt-which is my usual
night shirt) She agreed so we traded shirts and she turned around
and DAMN her nipples were about as big as the roundness of
a basketball!Not to mention her nipples were hard but anyways
she tried on my shirt and it was tight on her.So she saw me
looking at her tits and she asked if I wanted to play truth or dare.
I agreed.Now we were playing and I dared her to pierce her clit.
So she took off all her clothes and asked me to help her.Now
remember she’s cubby so her stomach made it hard to find her pussy
and I found it-it was all worth it.It was huge and fat but sooo
tight.It was all covered with curly kinky black hairs and then
I told her i was gonna find her clit.So I stuck my pinky in her
pussy.SHe looked up and asked what was I doing.She was all wet and so hard.
I went up to her tits and said “I’ve always wanted to do this to you”
and I started pinching her huge ass nipples.They were so erect,about as
hard as metal and I started sucking her tits.I couldn’t even fit her whole nipple
in my mouth.Then I put my head between her tits and started licking her all over
I started touching and massaging her tits she was so turned on.Then they left a few weeks later
(It was their summer house).The next summer she came back and
she “1 still but 102 pounds!her bra size went from DD’s to
a 48a.She layered her beautiful red hair,which was now a blond with her
black roots showing a little.She still had a ghetto ass but her tits
were too small.She looked finer though,and luckily for her it was a one
time thing because i don’t fuck small chicks and Yvonne was definitly
a small chick but she told me she was straight and bicurious at the time.

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