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Katy& Shan’s first lesbian experience

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: At a party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Lesbian

Okay a sexual experience that came to mind was when we first met actually. We were with our boyfriends at this party and our boyfriends were like best friends and so they asked Shan and I to have sex for them seeing as it was shannons boys b-day. So we all went up to one of the rooms and the boys got a videotape rolling. We where like so petrified because we had never done any same sex oriented stuff… our boys kinda started us off telling us to kiss . I started giving Shan kisses on the cheek (really pathetic) and then somehow we both knew we liked each other and Shannon grabbed my head and started frenching me like crazy . We practically ripped each others clothes off… I remember Shannon started nibbling on my nipples and dragging her tounge around the outline of my nipple. Then she started to chew on it.. and I remember I started to cry but it was a good cry .. Shann licked up my neck and then licked away my tears. I grabbed her tits and started rubbing them roughly , rolling them around and such. She grabbed my ass and ran her hand down the middle of my butt cheeks. She started spanking me and it really felt good. It was so invisionating. Shan turned me over , sat on my stomache and we did a 69er. She started out really simple being gentle and such, then she got a bit rougher and bit me .. That got me way excited. I remember we started to finger each other and it felt so amazing because Shan kept hitting my g-spot and i would scream so loud. Then we started to lick the cum off each others hands and then kiss each other. When we kissed it felt so passionate. Then Shannon turned me over and started licking my ass cheeks then she licked up my spine and nibbled on my ears… I turned around and started to place my pussy over one of her tits.. then i cummed on her tit and she pushed her head as far up as she could to lick her tit off… Our boyfriends sat watching us …. they tryed to join in but we wouldnt let them… Then we went into the bedrooms bathroom and fingered each other while we showered… I remember how much i loved cleaning Shann I insistee that her tits where never clean enough =) when we finished our shower we went back onto the bed and Shan rode my hand for about 15 minutes straight as she rubbed her own breasts. Our boyfriends ran down to the party and got some of that cheese in the spray cans and they covered me in cheese. Shan licked my tits off first then she rubbed her pussy around on my stomache so it was covered in cheese and got me to lick it all off.. I will never forget that she tasted so good especially with her pussy all shaved. I remember after the guys tied shann to the bedposts with cloths and i got to get her to eat me out while i fingered her. Then her boy untied her and flipped her over. Then he started to fuck her up the ass. She got so hot. I gave my boyfriend a hand job while he videotaped them.

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