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I feel guilty still

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Hanging out
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

Even though I am a average or less in school and at sports. I have feelings. The older girls on my street always got together and verbally and sometimes physically tortured me. When I was young I was always crying and humiliated by them. Pushed in the mud , taped to telephone poles. Because of my studder I could never argue with them and they made fun of me always. Well at 14 years old right before my birthday party they threw baloons with pink and green dye and I was a mess as my friends arrived. In school they had handcuffs and my arms were around the flag pole and they took my pants and I was butt bare as the kids came to school. It was an hour before the janitor cut me free. Had they gone to my school they would of been suspended. I turned 15 and got a job at sports club and worked there for a few months. I was terrified when these girls started taking YOGA after school. It was at least a month before they ever saw me but they did and I was afraid what they would do. I liked my job but I could tell they were planning something. I was putting away towels when I saw one girl watching a door and the other breaking in my locker. I hid and noticed my locker was booby trapped. What they had in there could of blinded me and as it was it took me all evening to clean up. Lucky for me it never got on me. The week before in biology we used chloroform to put a frog out and I was dreaming of a way to get these girls knocked out. So I took the bottle from school and got caught. Too late for them I had poured half in to another bottle. I now had a three day suspension so I went to work early and cleaned locker rooms. I saw the girls stuff in the locker room and I opened their gym bag. Because I had a master key. They had a stun gun and mace spray and rope and pepper spray and three sets of handcuffs. They are going to do something terrible to me I thought so I was going to quit and look for another job. I thought I would be better off leaving town but I had never traveled. I waited to long to come up with a plan and soon they were there so I stayed hidden. The evening went by with no problems and we closed and I was walking home and right before I got to my house they drove up and cut me off. So I ran like crazy but they caught me and I was on the floor in the back seat and the six of them were making plans what to do to me. Some one with high heels was making her mark on my ribs. My back pack was still on and I remembered I had the chloroform still in there. They were talking horrible and I wondered what thing they were going to do. Some where in the country they parked and I think it was a bathroom break so I sat up dumped some of the chemical on a sock I had and kept it in a ziplock bag in my front pocket and put the bottle back in my back pack. The girls were smoking and chasing each other and they had the bag with the stuff from the locker room I saw earlier and I thought here it comes . I held the two manual locks in the back seat and they came in the front and climbed over the seat and pepper sprayed me and my face was on fire I kept my eyes closed cause I knew it would be worse in my eyes. Everyone gagged at the smell some but they all piled back in and the windows went up cause it was cold. The heater was on in the car and the blower was full blast so I decided to take a deep breath and dump the chloroform on the carpet. They were all excited and I held the electric lock down with all my might. We came to a stop and the fumes over came them and the car rolled to the side of the road and I unlocked the door and jumped out. One girl was still fighting the fumes but I shut the door and she slumped to the floor out like everyone else. I was afraid they would all die in the fumes so I opened the doors pushed the driver over it was bench seating and parked off the road a hundred feet up. What will they do when they wake up? They are so mean. I threw the pepper spray and mace in the open field and I kept the stun gun in my back pocket. I cuffed the girls hands together but still had too many girls. I opened the trunk and thought about stuffing a few girls in there but it was too small for more than one girl. Limp people are impossible to move but I got her in there. I used the rope to tie up the final girl . Did you know people have no bowl or blader control when they are under . It’s true and a couple girls let loose. I could tell things were getting frisky so I took a shirt and wiped every where I had touched like some one would take finger prints. The one big mean pretty girl was half awake and complaining being tied up so I held my sock on her mouth and she was quiet in no time. I saw a sharpie marker on the dash and couldn’t help being a bad person so I pulled down her top and drew on her titty. Soon I had drawn on a few tittys and then I just stopped. Put the sharpie marker in one girls hand and held the sock on everyones mouth a little and walked home after throwing the keys on the hood which was out of reach. When I got home I felt terrible. I called the fire department to rescue them. It never made the paper or news and I worried they would come get me. I was so bothered I told my friend if I ever came up missing that they got me . I still have the stun gun. I moved away that summer and never went home. So that was the first titty I ever saw.

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