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Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: his batchlor party.
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I was at home while Jason {my husband} was at his batchlor party. he came home around 1am and said the party sucked and he was bored to death of watching everyone else have fun. then around 1:45 we went to bed, when he said that he forgot his coat at the party, so i offered to go get it, he said sure. So i took the keys to the car and drove to the party. When i walked through the door the lights were off. when i saw the strobe lights and the men ontop of naked women who were laying on the floor sucking their dicks and getting fucked i gasped maybe too loud. When they saw me standing there, three men came and pushed my onto the ground and undressed me roughly. One man pushed his dick roughly into my mouth and cummed. Then the other man was rubbing his dick on my back and licking my privates. soon the man who was rubbing me was pushed aside by the man standing there, the final man shoved his dick into me and popped my cherry. I screamed and was pushing the men away from me. i slipped to the table where i thought i saw Jason’s coat. it wasn’t his coat. it was a girl passed out, raped and covered with a towel. then another man grabbed by leg and dragged me to the ground, and started to have sex with me, i screamed more. and finally freed myself from him. I crawled to the coat rack and went through the coats, finding Jason’s i sprinted naked to the door. grabbing my clothes off the floor before i left the men were frozen, i changed in the car and cleaned up with a napkin. then i sped home terrified. I threw Jason’s coat on the coffee table and went to bed on the couch. A few days after the wedding I heard my brother and Jason talking about the party, when my brother said that the strippers arrived after jason left and that one of them was still a virgin so he popped her cherry. when i got to talk to my brother alone i told him what happened. he said he was so sorry and that he should have looked to see that it was me before he attacked.

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