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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Well..my first time was exciting althought looking back not to very responsible on my part. I had been dating a guy for about a year and most of my friends had already lost their virginity. I decide that I was going to make it my goal to lose mine on my 16th birthday. As luck would have it about a week before my birthday my boyfriend decided he needed his freedom and broke up with me. I was more disappointed because I had planned on giving it up on my birthday than the breakup. My birthday fell on Saturday night so I went out to one of the local high school hangouts for the evening. As the evening went on I kooked up with a couple of guys I had known most of my life who were just friends. We began to talk about my breakup and for some reason I told them my disappointment because it was my birthday and what I had planned to do. They laughted and jokingly said they could take care of that problem. We sat around talking for a while then they suggested we go to another palce that kids from school hung out. On our way they stopped at a local store where they knew a guy and bought a couple of six packs. Then instead of going to the another place we drove to a local parking spot and started drinking. After i had had a couple I got to feeling pretty good and when one of the guys wanted to kiss I was in the mood. We kissed for a while as I had another beer and then he unbuttoned my blouse and began to play with my tits. It didn’t take long for me to get excited and when he ran his hand up my skirt went inside my panties and ran his finger in me I just enjoyed the feeling. It was not the first time I had gone that far so I just let him finger away. The more he work the more excited I got and the next thing I knew I told him we should get in the back seat. As soon as we were back there he began going at it again. I stopped him kicked my shoes off then took my panties off. I laid down in the seat and he dropped his jeans and got himself out. I pulled my skirt up spread my legs. I felt him against me and I pushed so he would know that I was ready. The feeling was awesome and I couldn’t seem to get enoght and told him to go faster. About that time he said “here comes your birthday present” and I felt him cumming and I let out a big scream of pleasure. He pulled out and I told him I didn’t want to stop. With at the other guy who had been up front said he would give me more and I just said ok. The second he went in I had an enormous orgasm and them when he came i had another one. I was so drained once we finished that I was weak from all the excitement. I had not told them I was a virgin when we had talked earlier only that I was wanting to do it on my birthday. When the second guy finshed he asked what kind of birth control I was on and I told them that I was a virgin and not on anything. They both freaked and asked why I had not asked them to use condoms. I had been so horny that I hadn’t even given that a thought. I was very lucky that I was not fertile enough for one of them to knock me up.

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