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Annie My Annie

Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: her place
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was a 23 year old virgin. Sounds horrible i know. I just never put any time into trying to find a woman. I met Annie at work about 3 years ago. I would always talk to her, but never saw her as a love interest. We starterd talking a lot in the past few months and really got to know each other. We recently went out on a few dated, but never did more than just kiss. One morning we were having our typical long conversation on the phone when the conversation turned to sex. She was telling me all the stuff she liked to have done to her. She had no idea i was a virgin. She posed the question to me what would i do if she said fuck me fuck me. I told her I would fuck the shit out of her. She told me she loved being on top during sex. I asked her, i said ok what if you were on top of me and i said fuck me fuck me. She said that would turn her on so much she would cum in probably 30 seconds. She then told me this conversation was making her so wet that her panties were soaked. I told her this conversation was making me very hard. We had been talking a lot lately about when we were going to have sex. She was trying to restrain, but said it was very very hard. After that heated conversation i told her we should just do it and get it over with. She said when, i said i could be there in 30 minutes. She said that was cool. I jumped out of bed and got dressed. That took about 30 seconds to do, i was so anxious. I got to her place about 25 minutes later. She met me at the door. She gave me a hug. I tried to break away cuz i really had to pee. She wouldn’t let me. She stuck her tongue down my throat. We thwn went in her room. We both got undressed and she got on top. We made out for about 15 minutes. After we were both naked, We kissed each other all over. I played with her tits. Seh kissed me all over. She finally decided to get on top of my dick. She went to grinding on top of me. It was a feeling of euphoria. I told her fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. She started to quiver, then she just stopped and we switched. I was on top on started fucking her. She went to clawing the wall. She kept saying oh fuck, oh fuck. I was so turned on i told her im gonna cum. She said go ahead. I unloaded in her. She started quivering again. We then laid there for about an hour holding each other, before we started going at it again. This time i ate her out. She came again. It was truly an awesome experience that was woth the wait.

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