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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: campground picnic table
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

It was my first time. Deeefinitely not his. i wasn’t a virgin for any moral or religious reasons, and I didn’t have some sort of naive expectations that made me hold out either. It just hadnt happened yet. I wanted him to know i was a virgin but I was too embarrassed to tell him. I mean i was 19. we were having a crazy weekend with friends at lake Tahoe, and we’d been drinking and swimming in the lake all day. We were feeling a bit frisky so we went to one of the bathhouses by the lake. While things were getting hot and heavy I told him i had something to tell him, but I told him it had 6 letters and made him guess, hang-man style–seriously?! haha a few minutes later a little boy knocked on the door looking for his mom–buuuzz kill! So we headed back to the lake for the rest of the day. That night we all made dinner and drank some more. sam and I were sharing a tent with a bunch of other people, so we decided to go for a walk. The campground was on a main road so we were walking along the road, and the next thing I new were were on a hill at the side of the highway really getting into it. Clothes came off and we started rolling around but little did we know there were sticker bushes everywhere on the hill–ouch, and the slope was kind of clumsy too. We decided to keep looking for a place but couldn’t find anywhere to go– there were gravel and stickers everywhere But then, we saw a campground with an RV and an empty picnic table. It was pretty late and all of the lights in the RV were turned off so we decided to chance it. We climbed up on the picnic table. It wasnt the most comfortable, but it was flat and sticker-free, so we counted ourselves lucky. Until we realized the table creaked, REALLY loudly and that we were still close enough to the highway that cars could probably see us. Good thing I still had enough drink in me from that day to not really care or notice. It was kinda painful and kinda awkward but he knew what he was doing (boy, did he)so things worked out ok. Until I tried to get up. Id been wearing one of my grandma’s old necklaces and it had gotten stuck between the slats in the picnic table and I couldnt get it out. So here I am, naked and pinned to a picnic table in someone else’s campsite on the side of the highway. Classy. I was mortified! Luckily,Sam made the situation work and we both started cracking up. He helped me get the necklace unhooked. We got dressed and headed back to the tents, him grinning and me still laughing. I love camping now. dont’ think i’ll never look at a picnic table the same way.

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