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kristin quick

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my bed
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

kristin came over i was home alone for the weekend we was going to watch a movie sowe caame to my room layed om the bed and started watching it got boring soi started rubing her we satrted makeing out then she ran her hands down my pants and rubed my dick we got up and took our cloths off and layed in the bed she went down and started suckin my dick wile i ate her out. i layed her on her back and eased my dick in her she said it hurt when i got it aall the way in so after a sec or 2 she said the pain was going away so i satred in and out slow then got faster with my balls slaaping herit was so tight i di it real fastfor about three mins then she said her friend tryed anal and she wantedto feel how it was so shegot on her knees and i eased in her ass she screemed realy lound as i got faster and made me pull out and stick it in her pussy she got back on her back and i stuck it back in her and went at agin for aabout five mins then she was so wet and warm befor i could pull out i nuted all in her. she sucked it off my dick then we layed there for three hours she woke me up and said lets take a shower wegot in the shower and she wanted to shave me so she did my dick got hard and she sucked it in the shower we finsh cleaning up got dressed and watch tv and in the moring did it all agin!

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