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Lesbian love

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: College lab room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Lesbian

When I was in high school I had a feeling that maybe I was different from everyine else. I had a crush on two female teachers…only to find out that crushes on the same sex during adolescence is normal.

So off to college I went. I made a lot friends both male and female. I dated a really cute and nice guy my freshman year. During the summer break we split. My sophomore year was exciting. I joined the soccer team and had changed my major to something I actually liked..marine biology. During the 4 hour long labs, I met this student named Patti. She was super nice and very helpful with labs. I usually always stayed longer than the four hours and she started staying later too. I felt attracted to her but felt she was a too manly.

During one of the labs, she asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said that I had recently broken up with Tyler (the ex) and wasn’t ready for another relationship. She dropped it at that. A few weeks went by and she and I would stay in the lab and study or do dissections etc. We were alone in the lab when she came over and put an arm around me and said “you’re a good friend to have and you’re so damned cute.!” I felt a shiver of excitement. She looked at me and I could tell she wanted to be more than a friend. She took her hand and touched my chin. I couldn’t move! She came closer to me and said she realy liked me a lot and thought I was more than a “friend.” I had asked her what she meant and she said “I think you know because you’re feeling it too.” I gave in.

I let her touch me. Her hand left my chin and she began massaging my breast through my sweatshirt. I remember telling Patti that I had never..with a woman or a man to be truthful. I never had sex with Tyler, just oral sex. I felt good with her but I felt a little uncomfortable in the lab room. She then kissed me on the lips and then we began to kiss softly at first then deeply. Her hands touched my ass and then felt for my breasts. She reached under my sweatshirt and began pinching my already erect nipples. I realized I wanted her. She made me feel good and safe. She asked me if I wanted to go further and I said “yes” but feared being caught in Mr. McDermott’s lab!!!! She once again put me at ease. She unzipped my jeans and began touching me. She told me to relax…and that she would do all the work and not to worry. She managed to pull my jeans and my undies all the way off. She kissed my pubic hair and then began usinh her tongue. She spread my labia and then found my clitoris and began sucking. It felt so good. She was gentle and very thorough. She then took off her sweater and bra and asked me to lay on the lab table. She got ontop of me and we began to kiss. Her breasts were nice looking and they felt good against my breasts. She she then took of her jeans and underwear and then began slow movements. Our clits were rubbing agianst each one another. I knew that I was going to cum but I wanted to hold out for more. Hher pelvic thrusts were strong yet sensitive.

She got off of me and spread my legs again so she could oral me. Her tongue was warm and I asked her to come close to my face so I could kiss her. We made out. I came soon relationship wasn’t based on the many, many times we made love. It was based on out mutual respect for each other.after she fingered me (which she was very good at) and then I went down on her.

After that first encounter, I relaized that I was bisexual and wsn’t not embarassed to admit it. Patti and dated the remainder of the year and the summer. I went to stay with her and her family in Mass for about 3 weeks during the summer. Her parents liked me a lot and knew their daughter was gay. I truly loved Patti. She taught me a lot. Our

I’m now with someone else. Patti and I broke it off because of an issue she has had with alcohol. If you’re reading this and you think you might be gay or bi…don’t be embarasses about it. We are people!! In fact I have one heck of a job working with a well known company that works with dolphins and orca whales…I am successfuland enjoying my life!!!!!

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