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First Lesbian Experience

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: My room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Lesbian

I’ve always had the feeling that I was bisexual.
I got so turned on by looking at porn of other girls,
so I figured I was bi.
I lost my virginity, and I really enjoyed it.
So the next time I decided to try it with a girl. Lindsay
and I are best friends, and have been since third grade.
She was the only person who knew I lost my virginity.
Linz wasn’t a knockout, but I thought she was gorgeous.
Her breasts were round and firm, and I found that they
were good for sucking, too. But I’ll get to that later.
She was chubby, but I found that stimulating. Linz had never
been to a porn page before, nor had she ever tried
masturbation. One day, when we were both exceptionally
hyper, she said she wanted to try masturbating. I told
her to go ahead, but she was nervous; she didn’t know how.
She said she wasn’t really horny, so I went to a porn
site. She looked surprised, but I could tell she was
getting excited. “So, how do I do it?” she asked.
“I’ll show you,” I said, unzipping my pants. I was feeling
horny myself. I kicked my pants off, and pulled down my
underwear. Her eyes went wide. I played with my pussy
the same way I always do, until it felt wet enough. Then
I slid a finger in. Linz was totally turned on. I took
my finger out and sensuously sucked it. I’d always loved
the taste of my own juices. Linz was looking at me in awe.
I reached out and undid her pants. She didn’t stop me.
Instead she stepped out. She looked confused, so I
hooked my fingers to the side of her panties and pulled
them down. I was struck with the aroma of her wet pussy.
It was so intoxicating. Before I knew what I was doing,
I had run my tongue along the length of her pussy. The
taste was so amazing. Linz gasped. I apologized, but
she said to keep doing it. So I inserted my tongue into her
pussy. She was moaning softly. I sucked her and fingered
her, but I think what got her off was when I swirled my
tongue around her pussy in a circular motion. She let out a
small gasp. Her body shuddered and a rush of fluid ran into
my mouth. Some of it ran down my chin and dripped onto my
chest. I quickly removed my shirt and bra, and she did the
same. I stood up and smiled at her, her juice still running
down my face. Then, in one quick movement, she snaked her
tongue and licked off the stream, from my chin to my mouth,
and then we kissed. Our tongues swirled together. I don’t
know how long we stayed like that, but I remember lying
down on her bed. I got up and did something I’ve always
wanted to do. I rubbed my dripping cunt all over her tits.
Then I licked it all off. We 69ed, which was totally new
to her (she was a virgin). I fingered her tight ass, licked
her pussy, and fingered her cunt. She did the same to me.
Soon, we lay next to each other, breathless. We got dressed.
Now, I have a new boyfriend, and we love doing it three-way,
with me sucking him off, her sucking me off, and him sucking
her off. He can do it several times, so we each get
our share of three-way, titty-fucks, pussy fucks, anal,
and oral. It’s awesome!

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