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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Sleep Away Camp
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I had been going to this sleep away camp in upstate New York for about am month now, so I had already developed some crushes on a few guys, one of them was named WIll, he had gone to my school since the sixth grade, and I had had a crush on him since the sixth grade. Will was 5 foot 6, and skater dude blonde hair, brown eyes, and an awesome six pack. I was 5 foot 5, and long legs, pretty decent boobs, and long curl brown hair just a shade lighter then my dark brown eyes, and I was wearing a kinda skimpy yellow bikini. I had just come back to from the Lake and had stopped by my cabin to grab my camera to take some pics of every one, when I heard a knock on the door, and I opened it, thinking it was a friend or one of the counslers. But sure enough it was Will, standing there in his swim trunks and holding out an envolope that his cabin was supposed to deliver to my cabin, to give us information about the campfire that night. But of course seeing it was me we sat down on the bed in the corner of the room and started talking.
Up until then, Will and I had never officially became boyfriend and girl friend, even though he was friends with lots of people I knew, was set to be in half of my classes this year, and every once in a while engaged in conversations and flirting.
He asked where every one was, and I told him every one from my cabin had gone to the lake, and I just came back to get my camera. So then we started goofing off and taking lots of pictures together, and in one of them where I layed across the lower regions of his body I realized just how big and hard his dick was, and I think he realized too. So then he leans in real close and we start making out like crazy, and I could feel his dick pressing up against my pussy making me pretty wet. And he begins kissing my breasts, and I start stroking his rock hard through his trunks, and next thing we know we are making out with all close off. He whispered in my ear that he doesn’t have a condom on him, but he can run back to his cabin and go and get one if I want, but I tell him its ok, and to keep going. At this point we are both moaning and he asks me to suck his dick, which I do eagerly. The next thing I know he asks if he can come inside (aka stick his penis up my vagina) and I say sure. It starts off slow and at first it hurt, but eventually the pain turns into joy and starts going faster and harder, until he cums inside me only a few seconds before I cum all over him. We keep going for a few minutes after that, then we just start making out, until eventually we have to stop cause we figure every one is probably wondering what’s taking so long at this point. So he helps me get my bikini back on and I help him get his trunks back on, even though his dick is still hard and I’m still slightly wet. Then he walks me back to the lake and tells me he will see me at the campfire.
I got lucky that time and I didn’t get pregnant, but the next time we were sure to use a condom, which he borrowed from one of his “player” friends. When camp was over we kept in touch through text messages, until school started and we officially became boyfriend and girl friend. We are now engaged and set to marry in a week, and are expecting in 6 months.
I will never forget that day, and if the camp is still around when are kid grows up I sure hope they can go there as well, though not exactly to do the things I did there when I was 15!

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