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Two Boys

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: His house
Langauge: Enlgish
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Well, I was a year older than everybody in my class, and I have this one friend named Jarrod. Jarrod, was different than many other boys in our whole school. He didn’t only have ADHD, but it seemed as if he had a gay sexual desire for me. Maybe he just wanting some fun, or maybe he was hiding something I don’t know. Anyway, I was sort of a different kind of guy too! I mean, I had come up to the thought that I was Bisexual, and I wasn’t very fond of body hair, so I shaved it all(except arm, eyebrows, and head hair.) I had accepted the fact that I was a homely kind of person, which was great if you think about it. That way I don’t have to be a snotty, brattish, twit who hates people. Back on the subject. Jarrod, like I said before, seemed to have the feeling for me. And which was kind of exciting because he was a cute looking 13 year old.(I was 14.)Jarrod always moved his hand up and down my legs ( which he knew I shaved.), would ” spank ” me every now and again, do that playful ” hump ” motion that guys and some girls seem to do to each other. He would also rub my chest, grab my chest area and squeeze it, and call me sexy and that he loved me. I would politely thank him for saying that. Every now and again he would tickle me, and tell me he couldn’t wait till him and I got older so we could have sex and her could dip me in chocolate sauce and suck my balls and give me blow jobs. In fact, he even sat on my lap for about 3 minutes, stood with his private area in my face ( he wore underwear though) and sometimes just wait to watch me undress. He even got his hands real close to my dick area and sometimes used my hands to “masturbate.” Now, with me being Bisexual all these things really made me horny and I would usually dream about doing these things with him and thus, I jacked off about these things! One day he invited me to come over to his house. Now at his house he was a complete different person! He was real quiet and calm, and real polite. Until that is his mom left.( he is the only child). He took off his shirt and his clothes and went for a quick swim, well, being me I choose to do so too! He touched me a few times in the pool. Afterwards, I got out of the pool to go get dressed, only come to know he hid my clothes. by then he was completely naked and was wet. And him being a 13 year old he had no body hair ANYWHERE! Private area! Underarms, arms, legs. NOWHERE! I was nude too! And he came over to me and squeezed my chest area and spanked me, I who was willing to play around did it too! This made me get real horny and I of course got a hard on. He than starting getting one himself, then he got real close to me dick and started rubbing my other parts, I fell then. We started doing it right then and there. We sucked each other and did each other over and over again, put each other into each other. THE SENSATION WAS WONDERFUL!! Cleaned ourselves up and did it all over again. I couldn’t get over this. It just was so… So.. Delicoious!! I believe he thought the same! Eventrually we had to stop, because we worried his mom was going to get home. Good thing we did too! Because not long after she did turn up! Turns out she went to the store, and coinidently one of the things she bought at the store that night was chocolate sauce.

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