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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

was on a monday a summer day was home alone mom dad at work the a.c. went out so dad called some one to fix it it was hot so i took a cool shower was just getting out when the door bell rang so i throw a thin white gown on i was not dryed off very good and you could see through the gown i opened the door it was huge tall black man he said he was the repair man so i let him in i lead him to a back room where the a.c. is i heard him say real low i had a sweet little ass i thought to my self i would love to have him fuck me we got to the room he said i could watch i said ok so i sat in a chair watching him he kept looking at me smiling i ask him what he kept smiling about he said he could see my pussy the way i was setting i ask him if he liked he said looks very nice my nippls where hard and pokeing i let the strap of the gown slide down when he wasn,t lokking so one of my breast was showing we he looked again he saw it said i had some nice pirkey tits i told him he could suck them if he wanted and i took my gown off and told him if he wanted me i would be on my bed he came into my bedroom i was laying on my bed told him to do what he wanted he took his cloths off his huge black cock was big and hard i told him i was scared because it was so big and not to hurt me he smiled said i was going to beg him to stop he grabed my legs pulled me to the edge of the bed and pushed it into my hot wet youg very tight pussy first thing to every go in side me never had a tampon in me i was so tight he pushed even harder it finly went in i started crying begging him to take it out it was to big was hurting so bad but he started going in out faster and deeper i explode like crazy he picked me up i put my hands on his shouders he rased me up down on it he layed down on his back on the bed still holding me making me set on it it all went up in me it filled my pussy full he grabed my small tits started pulling them and twisting them i could feel his cock throbbing inside me he said he was going to cum i thought no not inside me but he could not hold it any longer i felt a huge gush shooting out of him fill my pussy full of his cum he pulled it out and shoved it in my mouth to finish cumming it tasted good i licked the cum off the head and swallowed all he shot in my mouth i played with his cock for a long time sucking it licking the shaft up down it started getting hard again i kept sucking on it till it was fully hard again then i turned on to my knees and elbows told him he forgot a hole to force the big black cock all the way up my ass he grab me by my ass checks took his thumbs and spread my ass checks open and started pushing it in i could feel my ass stretching to go around his huge cock i was screaming it hurt so bad but he did not stop he got it started then he reach and grab both my tits like handles and rammed the rest of it in as far as it would go so hard we fell down i was on my belly he just layed on top of me and started fucking me in the ass he started swelling up i knew he would be cumming before long he shot a load in my ass he pulled it out and shoved it back inside my pussy he fucked me like a bitch dog doggystyle tell it went soft he got dressed turned the a.c on and left i laid there cum soaked for a while was so soar could barly stand up to walk

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