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Taking my Crush’s Virginity

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: my dorm room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My senior year of high school I developed a crush on “H”.
He was blonde, muscular, with long hair and was very avant-garde. Not like the usual guys I went for, sweet, stable and dark-haired. We had a few mutual friends and partied together in high school – once, after an extremely wasted night of drinking, he even propositioned me, but I wisely refused, as drunken sex in a VW bug in January in Iowa wasn’t anything I was interested in. We both ended up attending the same state college and were both cast in a theatre production. One night, after rehearsal, he asked me if I wanted to get something to eat and a beer. Although my crush had cooled a bit since high school, I was intrigued and flattered. He complimented me on my outfit, which was a lacy antique blouse and a long vintage skirt. He said it was nice to see me dressed up, and I should do it more often. Little did he know, it was because I was too lazy to to do the laundry! We got a pizza and some beers and he was very attentive, very flirty. Some girls at the next table were trying to flirt with him and one said “Hey, ditch your girlfriend and come party with us!” To which he replied “No. She’s not my girlfriend, she’s my wife…” and put his arm around me and we left the restaurant.
Needless to say, my curiousity (as well as other things) was aroused by this statement. We drove back to my dorm and made out in the parking lot. I wanted him, bad. He unbuttoned my blouse and slid his hands under my bra. He caressed my breasts and nipples roughly, urgently. His hand slid under my skirt to push my panties aside and feel my sex. He slid his finger in and my pussy was good and wet. His hands felt so good on my breasts and pussy, his kisses were so deep and passionate, I was suprised when he pulled away and muttered someting about having to get home. I asked him if he wanted to spend the night and he looked embarrassed and stammered out “I’ve never done anything like… this before… I don’t know how…”
Score! Taking away a guy’s virginity was something I had experienced before, and it is marvelous.
We went up to my dorm room, which was a single, with no roomie to botch things up.Standing before the bed, we kissed and he began to remove my clothing very expertly. I was now nude and he was still fully clothed. I needed to put a stop to that. I said “My turn…” and unbuttoned his shirt, kissing each bit of bare skin as they appeared. My tongue stopped to touch his nipples softly, just to see if it was to his liking. A soft moan let me know it was. I pushed him onto the bed and dropped to my knees in front of him. My tongue slid down his bare stomach and poked inside the waistband of his jeans. He reached to unzip, and I pushed his hand away. “Lean back,” I breathed,looking into his eyes, “Relax. Let me have my way with you…” I kissed the hard bulge,rubbing my face on him and slowly…slowly unzipped, kissing and mouthing him, his underwear, still on. I slid his jeans to his ankles, and pulled off his sandals, and then his jeans. I started kissing and running my tongue up his legs, switching from one to another, first the calves, then the oh-so-sensitive backs of his knees, pushing his legs open wider, wider. His heavy breathing turned to soft moans as my tongue reached his inner thighs. I slid my tongue under the leg openings of his clean, soft, white briefs. Kissing my way up,I kissed and rubbed my mouth against his hard cock, still incased in cotton. I took down his briefs to reveal a large,curved cock nestled in soft, curly blonde pubic hair. I licked down the shaft with my tongue, wetting it. I took the head into my mouth and began sucking. He tasted so clean and fresh, and his cock was hard and throbbing. His hands reached to hold my head and I pushed them away again. I whispered, “Let me do the work. Just lean back and enjoy..”
His shaft was slick, and I was so aroused by his obvious enjoyment of my cock-sucking, I relaxed my throat and took his cock down until my lips met his soft curls. Deep-throating him was a challenge, as his cock was at least 8 inches, but by now I was very horny. Turning on this lovely virgin was arousing me to no end. I wanted his cock inside me, I wanted him to fuck me with no mercy, and to fill me with his hot cum. Now. He must have read my mind, or perhaps he was close to orgasm, because he pushed my head away, and in one swift motion, pulled me up from my knees and threw me onto the bed. He pulled my legs apart and placed his mouth on my pussy, kissing and licking me enthusiastically, but briefly. He dived on top of me, his cock sliding in deeply with the first stroke. He thrust hard and fast into my slick pussy, hitting rock bottom. I loved this savage fucking by my virgin plaything. His moans turned to gasps and groans as he reached climax. I could feel his orgasm deep inside me as he shot his load from his throbbing cock. Even after he came, he kept thrusting, his cock still rock hard. My pussy was dripping wet from arousal and cum. “Let me wipe off..” I said softly, “It’ll be better for you..” He replied he liked me wet, and continued thrusting, hard. He rode my slick wet pussy until he came again, this time it took much longer. Exhausted, I rolled onto my side, feeling very spent and sleepy. He then whispered in my ear,”Lay on your stomach…” and entered me from behind. He rode me from behind, his arms lifting my hips from the bed, doggystyle.
His thrusting had less urgency now, you could see he was enjoying himself, drawing it out slowly, shallowly thrusting, taking his time, experimenting. He came a third time, softly and sweetly. I fell to sleep, throughly fucked, my pussy raw and sore, his arms around me. He fucked me three more times during the night, awakening me with his thrusts, too exhausted to push him away. “Ive created a monster…” I thought as I drifted off to sleep, dawn peeking through the blinds.
The next morning we awoke, and while he was dressing, he asked me if I had been satisfied. “I just need to know, because if a woman needs more, I’ll work on it. You know, like stamina and stuff…” “Stamina?” I shot back with a laugh, “Any more “stamina” and I don’t think I’d be able to walk!”
I’d like to think I taught him well, but I think he already knew.

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