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Locked out

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Girls house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was 15 and still at school I was out in the local town one day and this women came over to me and asked me if I could help her get into her house as she had locked herself out. One of the windows was open so I climbed in and let her in. The women’s name was Sue and she was in her early twenties she thanked me for helping her and gave me a few pounds as a thank you I told her it was not necessary and I left. Over the next few months I saw Sue around town and we always said hello. It was one day in the middle of winter I had a day off school and was in town when I met sue she asked me what I was doing that day I told her I had the day off school and was just hanging about she smiled and said oh come back for a coffee. I said Ok Sue had parked her car close by so I waited while she fetched it. I was waiting for Sue when this new BMW pulled up, I climbed into the car and off we went we arrived at Sues house she parked the car and we went in the house. Sue made us some coffee and we sat and talked Sue was a really nice looking woman and as we talked she seemed genuinely interested in me she asked me if I had a girl friend (which I did not have) and I told Sue that no one ever found me interesting. Sue smiled and said that she thought I was a nice guy just a little lacking in confidence. I went rather red and Sue smiled. Sue asked me if I had anything planned for that afternoon I said I had nothing planned Sue smiled. Sue asked me if I would like to have some fun I was not sure what she meant but said yes. Sue said that she worked as a masseuse and would I like to have a massage. I said yes Sue took me upstairs to a bed room and told me to undress. I removed all my clothes except my under pants and lay on the bed. Sue had been to another room to change and returned wearing a pink silk robe. She saw that I was not naked but said keep them on for now. Sue got out some baby oil and told me to lay on my front she put some oil on my back then kneeled on the bed beside me gently rubbing the warm oil into my back the effect was really relaxing Sue rolled me over then did the same to my front I was relaxed but at the same time really enjoying this. Sue finished my front and asked me how I felt “I told her I was fine and relaxed” Sue smiled and stood be side the bed and removed her robe she stood there in a white bra and briefs and looked fantastic she sat beside me and asked me to undo her bra I was not sure about this but Sue smiled and said it was Ok I reached across and fumbled with the clasp and after a little pulling the her bra was hanging loose she smiled and removed her bra. This was the first breast I had seen they were big and firm with dark nipples. I felt a bulge in my pants Sue leaned across and removed my under pants my erection sprang out. I was embarrassed but Sue took hold of it and pulled back my foreskin and gently moved worked on it. I lay in silence, then I came Sue cleaned me up with a tissue then said “Do you want to go on”
I had no idea what she had in mind but I said yes. Sue opened the bedside cabinet and removed a small packed and produced a condom and gently unrolled it down my erection. She then stood up and removed her panties and climbed onto the bed Sue worked on my erection until it was rock hard, she then climbed on top of me holding my erection and slowly came down on me. She sat up right and gently moved her hips I was inside her Sue smiled and asked me if I was Ok I was lost for words she took my hands and placed then on her breast and told to rub and squeeze gently and at the same time rub her nipples as I followed her instructions her nipples grew hard and I could feel her getting wet. She climbed off me and lay on the bed I followed her instructions and limbed on top of her I was real nervous about putting my erection into her but she smiled I moved closer and pushed my erection slipped out Sue told be to take it easy not to rush it I tried again and with a little help from Sue I entered her only a little way It felt really strange to feel her opening then the walls of her virgina gripping me. I pushed and I was all the way in I moved slowly and Sue’s body moved with me I found myself going faster and this rush as I came inside her. I pulled out and we lay together on the bed. I was lost for words. After a while Sue got up and dressed and went down stairs I followed her. She asked me if I was still shy “I blushed and said no I think I am Ok now” Sue smiled I asked her why she had had sex with me. She told me that she was a professional escort and did this for a living but every now and then she liked to do it with someone just for the fun of it and as I was very shy she thought she would help me out then She said jokingly I usually charge £300.

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