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Current Age: 34
Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: Park
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

While at White rock lake. I was alone drinking and watching the girls. After about an hour I went to the restroom. they only had toilets with stalls. I sat down to do my business and noticed a hole in the wall. hearing the door open and then the stall door next to mine open and close it didn’t take long before a cock came through the hole…. Just the head came through then it disappeared. I was shocked. Not saying a word. it came back a little more this time. So I reached up with two fingers and wiggled it a little. It came all the way through this time. with his balls. it looked to be an older guy. I started playing with the balls ” because this is what I like.” The cock started getting large and hard. I took my other hand and started squeezing it. Noticing how big it was. it was getting Big around too….. Not knowing what I was doing. I heard someone say. take it. you know you want too. So I opened up my mouth and took it….. I had trouble getting much of it in my mouth. and could only take about half… I started bobbing my head back and forth. noticing how my mouth was slobbering a lot…. The owner of the cock then said. JUGGLE THISE BALLS Girlfriend….. I reached back up and played with his balls….. I then started going real slow….. Back and forth. seeing how much I could get in my mouth…. then I took as much as I could this cock hit the back of my throat, and I started to cough and choke. I pulled back coughing and herd some laughter. He then said that a girl. Choke that cock….. I cough my breath and started jacking this cock with my hand and he said. NOT here Girl….. Finish what u started…. So I took it back in my mouth bobbing again it didn’t take long before I herd a little moaning and then my mouth got full of warm salty cum. I with drew only to get my face Blasted….. He with drew leaving the head of his dick through the hole and he was jacking off. when I realized what he was doing I was Blasted with a 3rd wave of Cum……. After it was all over I herd him say Thank you… For some reason I answered back your welcome… He laughed….. I was a mess. I came out of the stall got some of that brown paper towels and started cleaning up…. The water wouldn’t work at the sink…. I did the best I could but I had cum all over my shirt. I had to wait until I left the restroom I didn’t want him to see me…… I went back the next day at the same time. But No more dick………….

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