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Current Age: 34
Age when it happend: 32
Where it happened: My House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I’m Mike — 34 and single. Ken and Kathy live next door. They’re slightly young — in their late 20s. Ken is completely in a business that he and his father run, and he’s gone almost all the time. How he could ignore such a doll of a wife, I don’t know, but I sure couldn’t. I could tell she was lonely. So, one evening, about a year ago, she was sitting, all alone, out on their back patio reading a magazine. I invited her over, and we had a couple of drinks, and talked.

And then we FUCKED! In my bed. She hadn’t had any good sex in months, and really enjoyed the two hours we spent together.

Since that night, I’ve been fucking Ken’s wife regularly, several times a week, for the last couple of years. Greatest sex I’ve ever had. In fact, we just got through with another great session about an hour ago, and I decided to tell everyone about it.

Life is good. Sex with Kathy is good. Poor Ken is too busy wasting his time on work!

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